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Flaky Pie Crust or Bust

Posted in esoterica, family, food with tags , , , , on July 24, 2010 by darcyarts

I have set myself a daunting foodie goal. I want to learn to make the most delicious flaky pie crust. I have three weeks to achieve perfection!

Next month, Frank and I will have the great pleasure of joining in an alterna-family reunion. Amazing souls from our early days in the city will gather. We will travel south from Redding to Sebastopol. It’s a great little place 50 miles north of San Francisco, which is also a great little place, but then you know that.

We roamed a bit in those environs north of SF a few years back on a little impromptu vacation which centered around taking daughter Jessica south to the city (actually Berkeley) to see David Bowie. How could you not be the driver that makes that dream come true for a 16-year-old?

Jessica was invited to the show by son Brian’s then girlfriend who lived in Sebastopol. Driving there for the first time was wonderful. It reminded me of parts of pre-Disneyland Orange County, CA,  lots of open space and vegetation.

Let me go back to the beginning of this post. That word perfection is bothersome. I think perfection is a messed up concept. Every time we create, we make something unique every time. I think I have carried a notion somewhere in my head that tells me all the great crafts people, artists, makers can make the same perfect thing over and over. Nature contradicts this assumption.

Every action occurs in a different moment. I believe the real art is in opening the heart and focusing the mind completely on the task at hand. So it’s Lotus heart and Diamond laser mind.

But aggressive or forceful address will carry that force and aggression. It will be etched on the thing made. Somehow in every moment we have to surrender, observe and gently guide the materials as they come together. Roll like a river always picking up elements, expelling elements, combining, roiling, transforming.

Still is doesn’t hurt to have a little instruction and knowledge of where you want your piece to end up.

This video on pie crust making will help me get started.

Facebook updates from reunion participants clued me into the fact that someone else has taken on this same pie-crust goal. I almost gave it up but I need to learn this for myself. I ♥ pie. It’s my favorite dessert. Here’s an old post on the cherry apple pie I made last year. Chapple pie.

The instructional video stresses the importance of keeping the simple ingredients cool. Ideally one should turn out the dough onto a cool marble slab. I do not have one of these. Thrift store?

Yes. The search is on.