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Outside World Once in a While

Posted in finds, food, nature with tags , , , , , on January 29, 2011 by darcyarts

I’ve been in a lot. Working on one project or another since last October and trying to make the most of my time I hadn’t taken the camera out for a long time.

Like Violets

A large patch of little purple flowers have sprung up on the east side of the big pine tree. Coaxed out by the warm temperatures last week they were irresistibly. I had to photograph them.

It looks like the frosty weather is coming back. I see fog from the front window where I sit at the keyboard this early morning.

Will we have many more day of cool weather or will we have and early spring that slams straight into summer weather?

It’s a safe bet that no one can predict.

Frank sometimes picks a few of these little flowers and leaves them for me to find. ♥ He is so fine a man.

Cherries Straight, No Chaser

After dinner I had a desire for pie. I laid a can full of sweet soft Oregon cherries into a plain, not to greasy pie crust from Immaculate Baking Company and popped it into the oven. Very plain and very delicious. Check out that Immaculate link. They are the coolest. They make good wholesome treats and they support folk art!

The Road Pix

Frank is back in school so I’m on the road again in the morning hours.

I really need to allow myself some photo-adventuring that isn’t attached to errand running.

It might be easier now that the Park Marina Drive underpass is once again open. It’s been nearly four years! I’ll surely wander down there soon with camera in hand.

Until then you’ll have to be amused by my road shots.

Experimenting vs Mastering Knowledge

Posted in projects with tags , , on November 26, 2010 by darcyarts

At this time in my life  I am fortunate in many ways. I am doing work that I dreamed up, making it real and actually selling some of it. That long time goal — to bring something from the fecund “nothing” — is being met, a little or a lot everyday. I am making it up as I go along, teaching myself, working with ideas and requests from DarcyArts fans.

Everything is an experiment and I’m constantly learning.I like to make things and I like to take photographs. I’m so glad the digital format came along.

These photos are from an early morning photo shoot. The light was low. I saw this squiggly bar of light on a thin shaft of the multi-colored, sheer curtains in the living room. This room is the darkest in the house. I set the ISO to 800 and hoped I could hold the camera steady enough to get a decent shot.

This bar of light works either way as abstract art.

The darkness helps. You cannot tell it’s a curtain.

With the 800ISO it is easier to see the wall and maybe decipher that you are looking at a window treatment.

The squiggly light is still pretty cool looking. I don’t know made this shape.

I have a tripod that I should use.

I’ve always wanted to take night photos, discover strange effects.

This shot of the aloe vera plant is pretty shaky.  I can se how much more efficiently the camera is able to use the existing light at this setting.

In this pic of me near the hat rack, you’d guess it’s about 10 am.

The room did not have this much light in it, not to the naked eye.

I love formal education but I like discovering things for myself.

One path is straight forward, linear. One has bumps, curves, delays and forks in the road. Who knows where I could end up.


Keats, Cupcakes and Collage

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Assemblages happen in the Hamilton Street studios of DarcyArts. Everywhere you look there is some little creation, something thrown together.

John Keats with tiny plastic top hat and bitty cupcakes.

Bob Dylan on a magenta road with and old truck, harmonica, star cookie cutter, Brian Jones in pink and glitter, Kombucha Wonder Drink bottle.

Some things desire other things. I put them together for a while.

These are visual poems.

They can be disassembled after a decent amount of  time has passed.

Frida Kahlo pin, plastic lizard dead moth on the base of a small HDTV.

Marc Bolan and matching bobbins of thread — shades of blue.

Assemblages are benign yet effective hoodo. Mojo piles that slowly work on the mind. The Marc Bolan Soft Boy doll needs to be coaxed out.

David/Ziggy comes first. Two buttons depict the eyes. One with a blown out pupil.

Snake grass blooms of crystals and faceted beads collect in a tin can.

Reflection off the rainbow twirler shows red and green through the biggest crystal.

Reflections move light.

Gentleman bunny, Peter Rabbit stands by the matchbox tagged with a glittery Muhammed Ali phrase — Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Peter Rabbit is happy to be there. A little sunlight comes in.

Roaring hippos and little owls and blocks, worlds of found objects scattered and tossed like runes telling a whimsical tale, or a joke that only ghosts get.

Afros, lace, lime green hats with rainbow trim, pink Halloween wigs.

Marla, the German Expressionist head form, is wearing the Rasta Pony tail. She’s out of the afro, wearing a rainbow cap, looking down from the highest shelf.

You’ve seen her.

Family photos, the faces of love, the smiles like energy bars feed the psyche. Just look up, just snatch a glance in the midst of work. Happy. Love.

Frank at 17, Colby and Jessica, rubber ducky, clay starfish star, Muhammed Ali, big beige rocks, Japanese script.

Pockets heavily littered, little work spaces, nests for doing.

Busy, buffered, being among them in thought, memory, wires of connection in the brain, stimulated, tied to emotion that spells comfort, familiarity.

Elements of a life spread like cookie crumbs, like glitter, a trail to follow back to that place in the collective heart.

A shared place, a sacred place perceived differently by each participant, each petal on the lotus catches and reflects the light from a different angle.

The best thing is reflecting the light back at one another.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Photographic Memory

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melivingroommirrorThis past year I have been conjuring familial/historical recollections based around a series of photographs. I’ve exhausted nearly all the photos that remained in my possession.

Don’t I look like a muppeteer?

I recently proposed a joint project to my daughter, Jessica. She’s in possession of the leopard print box that contains our family photo collection. I asked her to choose small batches of photos, things that she is curious about and I will tell her the stories behind them.

The first batch arrived Friday.

I’ll start with this photo on the bumpy paper that reflects light. Brian is holding his University of Iowa notebook. That is where we lived, Iowa City. Their father and I were attending the University and we started out in the barely livable cinder block student family housing. We shared the small two bedroom place with an epic number of cockroaches. It was kinda grewsome, not the cushiest environment.

jessicabrianuofiowahousing Here, we see a two-or-three year-old Miss Jessica and her brother Brian.  He would be six or seven years old. They are both cutting up for the camera.

Jessica is standing on a chair and seems to be remembering when her little body had other powers. You can see it in her eyes.

As a small child it seemed as if she was a little disappointed to find herself back in the world and hindered from doing her full thing by having to spend time in a child’s body.

She wasn’t interested in television. Loved to climb, to dress up and be a tad theatrical on occasion, but in a self-possessed, stealth, two-year-old way.

The housing was creepy but the kids had lots of other kids to play with and a little playground right outside their door. Despite the massive snowfall which seemed to come in October and leave in May, they were out there playing. In the summer the weather could turn horribly hot and extremely humid.

Brian loved being physical, running, jumping but he loved the social interactions, too. Brian made friends with everyone who seemed to really need a friend. He was kind and fair and a deep thinker even then. He and I had great discussions about the nature of the spiritual world in the kitchen of the apartment here.

Jessica asked about the playhouse opened on the bench behind her in this photo. It came from the Goodwill on the main street which, looking at a map was probably Iowa Street. All the toys at this Goodwill, no matter what size, shape, or weight, cost 25 cents. We eventually had a roomful of them.

Here is a photo I’m adding. It was taken in our bedroom in Iowa City.  I liked to adorn Jessica with headresses when she was a little bitty thing. This is actually a rolled up yellow T-shirt. Perhaps I must have been responding to some part of her personality or a vague memory of her past life as a royal. Or maybe I’m just trying to match her to the Keith Richards photo, or recalling my fave Keith look: him in a Bedouin type headdress.


Over the next couple of years Jessica  would insist on wearing dresses. She did not like pants or overalls or any practical, long lasting play clothes. She wanted frilly, girly things. 

When I was a child I detested being dressed up like a doll. My granny loved to buy outfits and we had to wear them on every special occasion. I felt naked with my legs exposed. I wanted pants.

At that time girls had to wear dresses or skirts to school. Convention, conformity are linked in my mind with dresses and skirts. I will get tarted up in my own fashion.

Jessica has managed her own fashion sense very well, too.

She’s a cool dresser.



How did we end up in Iowa City?

I had finished a year and a half at Fullerton Junior College with a 3.8 GPA. I had planned to attend U. C. Berkeley and was admitted provisionally. I was required to get a C in all my classes.  I was on my fourth straight math class. Everything after Intro to Algebra seemed like the most intense gibberish. I got a “D” in Statistics.

I was also accepted at U. C. Irvine but my then-husband Doug had already quit his job and did not want to stay in Orange County. I wanted to be a writer. I hated math. I was impulsive and impractical. So, off we went to the University of Iowa.

We were spending lots of borrowed money to go to school and we were very poor. We were sell-your-blood poor and Doug got pissed when I went the first time and was too anemic to have my blood drawn. Such a romantic period.

I’m being sarcastic. It might have been a good experience if my partner had been up to the task but he resented our move from Seattle where we lived prior to Fullerton. Junior college was much cheaper in California than in Washington state. It may not have been the best idea to pull up stakes but I wanted an education.

Still, I had embarked on this journey and I worked very hard juggling all my responsibilities. 

I wanted to stuff myself with knowlege that would allow me to write and create interesting things. I had dreamed that I would be able to breeze right into the U of Iowa writing program. It was for graduates, so that was dumb, but after a semester in the Department of English, I found my way to Communications and studied film with the best teacher in the world Steve Wurtzler.

Wurtzler is an amazing teacher! The best I’ve ever had. If anyone reading this is considering going to college and you have a strong desire to learn about the world through film, and from a man who is passionate about it, please consider Georgetown University. Wurtzler has won numerous teaching awards. He’s created nine film classes in their English department. You will never regret it. He gives you the most wonderful political and sociological context for everything you learn. He’s organized, sincere and allows you great creative freedom.

He was the first person to love my writing.

 And just think at Georgetown, you’ll be close to Obama, too.

Man, I want to go back to school.