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Pink Pile

Posted in Art, constructions, cute, dreams with tags , , on April 1, 2010 by darcyarts

Here is the work that lies before me today.

I will stitch together a large peace sign and a couple of pink hearts. This custom order will be used in a kids clothing display in a nice upscale shop. Dude (read, amazement).

If I have time I will also stuff my rainbow curly star. It’s in this pic looking like a crazy spider, far right.

I created patterns by enlarging the symbols and stretching them in various ways to reach the 24″ on the peace sign and about 22″ on the hearts.

The heart was easy. The peace sign was more of a challenge and required lots of measuring from a chosen center, which is so close to math, but I managed.

Enchanting pinks are everywhere in the work space and I’m finding that the presence of my doll creations makes me feel like I’m finally in the right right place.

I have little eyes looking at me, smiles on faces, gentle knowing entities, scrappers.

The work on the fat pillows last week was a pleasure and this collection will be too.

The sun is out, the day is fresh. I’m listening to the radio — Toni Collette on Fresh Air.

It is Rachel Maddow’s birthday and tomorrow, mine. Whoo hoo, Aries!

I get up plenty early to make time for writing out my dreams, checking in with the biz online, and a bit of time for talking with you here on this blog.

Here are my day dreams, my efforts to bring some light and love into our world.

I’m so lucky to get to do this, to have this time and space and health to manipulate my materials. Carpel tunnel be damned. I try to go easy.

These little robins live in my laundry room/shipping and pattern hanging area. I found them and their nest at my favorite thrift store. I actually have about 10 of them. Some have eyes that weren’t placed very carefully on their little heads. I can fix them.

They may end up as companions for the bottle dolls I’ve imagined but have not yet brought into 3-D.

The bottle dolls will use recycled plastic creamer bottles that are shaped like large Victorian ladies.

I will dress them in papier mache and give them the jeweled snake grass wands I made a few years back.

I’ll find the time to realize this project soon. It’s coming.