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Tibetan Art

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Tibetan prayer flags flying with the bluegreen mountains on the horizon.


I bought another book.


I found this one at Barnes and Noble. I Love Tibetan religious art. It is almost as strange and kick-ass as the Mayan stuff. Sometimes they seem similar.





tibetskullguywblueclothThis skull guy reminds me of the crazy Mayan skull dude from the wall carving with his little rat friend and the severed heads. Check previous post Rock Blocks and Mayan Peyote.

These colors are so rich. That is something I love about the Tibetan art.

I just had to share this stuff with you because we sometimes forget how far out our ancestors were.

When I look at these people, the Tibetan people, I find them very familiar and very handsome. The clothes are so cool and the stones they wear, turquois and coral, are totally Native American. Their beautiful hair and features are, too.



What a crazy beautiful place they live in.

China! Do not fuck with these people!

Back Off Imperialist Moties!


skulltentEarly Tibetan paintings represent the visions encountered by the departed soul as it journeys beyond physical incarnation.

This part of the painting is very weird and cool. Part macabre circus, part pirate ship voyage out in the ether.

It’s got one of my favorite details — the curly clouds. I love the necklace-like designs too.

These half circles seem to adorn many of the demons.

 This sculpture reminds me of Mexican art: