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Thank you, dear readers, for your prayers and positive energy. I have been released from this call for jury duty. After three consecutive nights of calling in I am free.

That means I have uninterrupted time to finish off my latest list of projects.

As if my list wasn’t long enough I have been visualizing some very attractive fantasy mushrooms. This morning I pulled materials from closets and shelves and set them aside for use in mushroon construction.

Then there is long-term writing project that is making itself known, a calling  to get some things down while I still can. It shall be called ‘member?  I know that title is weird and confusing but it has a sort of multi-layered meaning for me. “member is a countryish colloquial version of “remember”.

” ‘Member when we went down to that place and did that thing that time? ” ‘Member?

This project involves lots of wringing out of moments from the past. I can’t say anymore about it because I’m am hypersensitive (superstitious) about large, prolonged writing tasks. I have to just do it and see if it materializes. It’s going to take a very long time.

It’s all about what I want it to be. It is a voyage of self discovery, it’s private art. Initially it feels like the voyage make take place on a sea of shit. It’ll clear up when I get in real deep. I can already feel it but now it’s something else that deserves my time and that’s the tricky part.

The list:

Dollmaker story, deadline June 15, have barely started.

 All 25 letter number pillows finished and shipped, deadline June 10, nearly there.

ADO doll maker challenge for May, deadline May 31, have just started but know where I’m going.

ADO dollmaker challenge for June, deadline July 1, good ideas, some materials gathered.

Maple Bar pillow for Emily, deadline by her July birthdate.

Pretty Mushrooms, whenever I finish a few of the above. I can’t wait to try one.


Pretty Things

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The topic for this morning is Pretty Things.

We all love them and it is also true that we have been imbued, through culture and advertising, with a longing for a hygienic perfection.

No, you say? Not me. It’s okay it’s in all of us. We’re Americans.

Cute has become a whole other thing. I can think of the cute wars in the most positive way and attribute it to the cartoon sensibility in which many of us were drenched as youths and the dichotomy between what is promised there, and again in advertising, and what is really in the world. Cute furry creatures are cute. But animals eat each other and we eat animals (some of us). All corporeal bodies are subject to decay. It’s understandable that we might want to freeze everything in the blossoming stage. When I paint faces I always make them attractive in my own fashion. I hate to make them look too gnarly or real or damaged. Hey, it’s our dream, right?

I have wondered if the love of glitter and sparkle is just recollection, deep in some part of our makeup, of the other world we must have inhabited before we were launched into this life.

The abandoned washer, above, is not considered beautiful or desirable but it is a classic. If, in addition to being eccentric I was also fabulously wealthy, I’d take it to my mansion and install it in the wing where I keep all underappreciated creations.

This is a Pretty thing V


It is the work of Blueberrybandit over on etsy.

So is this V

Sara, the creator lives in Athens, GA. These things she has brought to life are creamy and dreamy. They make us feel good.

This is a pretty thing v from cbtscloset. Ah, dreamy.

Some girls are pretty and some girls are good at understanding what it takes to be pretty.

Some girls are into the porno aesthetic. They are moving away from cute and towards slutty but we can be a combination of the two and thats interesting.

Some girls are kinda like boys and they are drawn to more testosteroni pursuits.

They like to play on the same field as the boys, with the boys. Sometimes they have extra drive.

Sometimes they are really smart and well spoken like Rachel Maddow but hey, she is cute, too. Look v

I love long hair and pigtails and fluffy messy do’s. I go around looking like one of those fluffy-earred dogs half the time. But Rachel Maddow really, really looks better with her hair just like this. This 50’s boy-style haircut accentuates her great eyebrows and her shining eyes, yeah and her cute mischievious smile.

Smart is hot.