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Queen on BOB

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While out running errands recently I tuned in to an FM station with the mild title of BOB FM.

I’d seen a commercial on my television. The mission statement was intriguing.

“BOB plays anything.”

I was please with their initial plays which included Queen. The magnificent Freddie Mercury was in full good voice. It was a sunny, if windy, day. The first in quite a while. BOB played something that added to the pleasure of the first full sun in weeks, the ride to Trader Joe’s and being in the company of my honey, Frank. Good job BOB.

BOB quickly dulled out with the usual radio problem — too many ads! At first they were amusing, sorta of stoner-level humorous but lather them on too thick and it won’t even help that they are funny.

I’ll give BOB, at 107.1  (in norcal), another chance. If I’m on the road in the afternoon and and the NPR stations have switched over to classical (Chico) or a sometimes too-slick, rich-hipster AOR (Ashland).

On that day trip to Trader Joe’s I was stoked to have Queen along for the ride. When we walked up to the entrance Trader Joe was playing Queen on their system.

Sometimes I forget to bring my own music on a drive across town. I may have, in a protective effort, removed the emergency CDs from the car the night before. Dr. John, Gris Gris; David Garza, Euphoria; Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3, Ole Tarantula; Robyn’s Jewels for Sophia; or Queen’s of the Stone Age, Lullabies to Paralyze all back at home sitting on the shelf.

A double blessing of Freddy Mercury just days ago and this morning an inquiry from a beautiful Aussie about a Freddie Mercury Soft Boy doll.

Etsy you are a wonder. I can share my portrait jones with the world! You allow me the most fantastic of opportunities.

Super hot Freddie! Yes. I’d love to be making this very rock n roll portrait doll. ♥♥♥



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Spent Saturday reorganizing my big work space. It’s part of the living room but is now more distinctly separate.  It’s the second location for this art space. I initially set it up in the laundry room when we first moved to Hamilton Street.

Wanted a nice high work table on which to cut material and take photographs. A clean space.

CuttingTableAlso wanted to have all my cloth in one place so I can see all the possibilities when I am composing.


It’s rockin’ now.

The paint/draw table has plenty of good light and I managed to squeeze in a couple of storage shelves beside it.

PaintsI can see the paints and all my notes on the red wall cloth for projects I have to work up.

I can do earrings, necklaces, block carving and prints here.

I made a chimp block to mark up my stuffed chimp boxes. The first of three hand constructed boxes for my last batch of primates looked so bad. I stamped it with the chimp face and wrote “packed by chimps.”

ChimpBlockHe’s kind of cute.

There’s more of the 360 tour of my new work space.

This is the yarn bin. It’s an old 70’s style waterbed headboard that I salvaged. I turned it on it’s side.

YarnWorldChetArtYou can barely see it there by the yarn bin, but check out the cute Chetart barnyard postcard on the wall.

You must go to the Chetart.etsy site now!! I guarantee you will find an image that you love, or funny cards, or monkey buttons. Chet Phillips is a champ and a great inspiration for me!

Just bought this Chetart illustration of the canine version of beloved writer Mark Twain.

Bark Twain, ha ha.

Also found this image of a lionesque Oscar Wilde irresistable.

Okay, back to the work space. DrawTableCompuTable I left the printer’s box with all my stamps in it’s old location. It’s the best place for it.

The new computer space is so comfortable I’ll be sorely tempted to spend way too much time surfing the blogosphere.

I’ve got the radio/CD player close by. I’d turn it on now but listening to Will Shortz dish out the puzzle of the week makes me feel wholly inadequate. It might keep me from getting Alzheimer’s if I were to apply my old brain but, dude, it hurts.

It will all be over in a few minutes and I’ll tune in to Radio Lab! Umm . . . Good.

PrinterThis is going to be a great summer retreat.

Spiders, Basil, New Orleans

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Out this morning to have a look at the Cuke/Squash bucket I noticed the blossom on this chili had formed a little skirt around its middle. There is even a little bluish tassle. Dainty, eh?

I took a closer look and saw the fly. I sort of blew lightly in its direction and it wriggled but did not fly away.

Inside with the photo up on the screen I could see that a spider has a hold on this fly. See his little legs?

Good Work Spider!

I also had the opportunity to rescue the little brown spider I’d transferred to the Cuke/Squash bin from a watery death. I read that you could fill yellow containers with water to drown the aphids. I placed four tiny yellow lids in the bin and filled them.

I see less aphids on the squash blossoms but we’re still losing some to creepy destructo bugs.

I gues the little brown spider can only eat so many aphids. I also read that you can just squash some and that will act as a deterent.

What bug would want to eat in a place covered in aphid guts?

I guess you never know. It could be ambrosia to some.

Yesterday on my way to work I listened to the CD that came with this month’s Mojo. It’s a collection of tunes from Seattle’s Sub Pop label. It’s in honor of their 20th Anniversary.

I loved Flight of the Concord’s song “Bowie.” It’s satire and very, very funny.

I wanted to be able to put it right onto my blog. That frustrated desire made me realize I need to get schooled on how to transform music files.

I know there is a way. Now I must research. I must learn.

Do eggplants learn? What sort of work is it to grow their aubergine skin and tender whitish yellow-green insides?

I did not nip this bud from the cinnamon basil. I wanted to see the flowers. Very pretty.

They remind me of snap dragons.

I love the form of this series of blossoms. A tower of dark purple curves that open into pinkish lavender flowers. Beneath are green brown leaves and purple green stems.

And it is so fragrant.

It seems like New Orleans is calling. I mentioned it a few posts ago and Nick Spitzer’s American Routes had a great New Orleans-themed radio show last night.

It always captures my imagination because I have a desire to live in a place with a sense of community that matches my sensibilities.

It is wild, sweet, deep, imperfect and gloriously gaudy or so it is in my impressionable mind.

The humidity would be a draw back but it would curl my hair. That’s a good thing.

I recently watched a Miami Ink where Ami and the boys went to New Orleans. Yoji Harada is a cool guy (him with his band).

It seems he’s psychically sensitive, too. He could sense ghosty entities in the old firehouse where the boys stayed.

It was a little frightening to see the new gray wall of reinforced levy built in New Orleans and sad to see the damage still lingering.

I imagine that the new New Orleans is going to draw some very interesting people People who have a heart for the way things were, the history, the people and the rich, rich funky pot of cultural mojo. I would think the DIY spirit would be strong in the folks who go on this restorational adventure.

I hope New Orleans is peopled with creative doers and is not tragically transformed by developers who will kill the mojo. Maybe the mojo is so strong it can work to preserve the place as it is meant to be. And maybe if the city blossoms, righteously anew, the engrained mojo will drive away the greed demons.

Harry Shearer moved there. You can hear his radio program Le Show on NPR. It’s on Sunday from 10 to 11 a.m. on the Redding/Chico station at 88.9FM.

This picture is from a New Orleans blog, Squandered Heritage. Check it out. 

There is a conference going on this weekend “Rising Tide III: A Conference on the Future of New Orleans.”

Nick Spitzer said that Tulane had opened with full enrollment for this fall.

The 2009 New Orleans Jazz Festival will be at the end of April.

That sounds like a great vacation.

Harry Shearer used to travel there for it and do his show from there each year, Now he’s a permanent fixture.

Morning Herbs

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The air is the clearest it’s been in many weeks and I was up and in the container garden checking on those aphids and trimming the herbs.

The basil is “going to town” as they used to say about a century ago. The tarragon is prolific, too, but it kind of grows out more than it grows up.

 We have regular and cinnamon basil. I have much more of this herb than I have dinners to cook in a month so I am drying this batch.

This reminds me of something. Hmmm.

Did you happen to catch this cover on when last passing through a grocery store check out stand? I saw it at Winco.

Poor Lisa Marie! Why don’t they just leave her alone? 

Isn’t she the Princess of rock and roll? 

Oh wait. I guess rock and roll does not operate on the dynasty system as successfully as Hollywood does.

Why not? Where did rockers go wrong?

Lisa is cool and her music is pretty good but can you think of rocker offspring that just kick holy-ass?

This pix is from popbytes.

I can only think of one and he didn’t even know his father.

Jeff Buckley was just as good as Tim Buckley (pix from rocksquad). Many would say better but they were very different.












If you have never heard Jeff Buckley do your self a favor and buy “Grace” today. The smaller picture is Tim Buckley in his druggy funked up period. Previously he was a beautiful, fey folk-boy with the world’s greatest voice and a very melancholy soul. Cool guitar and check out those shoes. There is a strong cult building around these two. Check the interwebs.

Jacob Dylan is doing a great job. HIs latest CD, “Seeing Things,” is really a pleasure. It’s timeless in its simplicity and easy to love for its gentle, straightforward songcraft.

Jacob said he was trying to write songs that seemed like they had always been around. He succeeded. It’s not an earth shattering, genre challenging work but he wasn’t trying to get to that place. It makes me want to sit in his living room, look out the window at the hills, and pet his big ol’ dog.




Sunday I listened to a really cool show out of San Francisco via the internets at West Add Radio.

 “Ice Cream Sunday” is a show helmed by the witty and wonderful Moises Domingo Rios.

This is Moises and Miss Jessica Pratt (my kid) happy, happy, happy.

I love my kids. They are great souls from the other side, here now, to give my life that added sparkle and shine.

I’ll explain in more depth in my next post dedicated to the brilliance of Brian Michael Pratt (my kid).