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Frida Kahlo Doll on Etsy

Posted in constructions, etsy, projects with tags , , , on March 11, 2010 by darcyarts

My lil’ Frida is up over at Etsy. I hate to part with her but she needs to be seen.

I am going to make a few Fridas all different and unique. She’s endlessly fascinating to me.

Button eyes look good on her.

I’m growing and ever lengthening list of future doll subjects:

For the Soft Boys: Joey Ramone, Keith Richards, Robyn Hitchcock, Iggy Pop, Angus Young, Pete Townshend.

Other women artists: Yayoi Kusama, Georgia O’Keeffe, Natalia Fabia, Liz McGrath and Camille Rose Garcia, another girl child raised in the shadow of Disneyland.

I want to do Conan O’Brien, Miss Lady Bunny, Oh, so many more. I can’t stop.

Clothes for Keith

Posted in Art, constructions, handmade with tags , on March 7, 2010 by darcyarts

The Keith doll now has an outfit.

I labored over a ruffled  silk shirt Friday and Saturday only to abandon it as a bad investment of time. Nothing makes me feel all thumbs like trying to do fine detail sewing by hand. I do enjoy it but my hands felt like those of a clumsy giant.

I decided to let the Keith doll be bare chested with an Indian scarf, hip belts and a long jacket open in front.

The small silver chain on the purple or mulberry belt has tiny stars.

I have yet to make Keith’s handcuff bracelet. Once I get the bracelet done I will have to roll the jacket sleeves up a bit.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Redding. Appropriate for the observance of my high, holy day.

The Academy Awards are only hours away.

I sympathize with all who may be deprived of this indulgent celebration by the evil corporate f%$#s at Disney and Cablevision. Revolt subscribers. HDTV and internets provide a way out.

Reading through Salon this morning I visited past reviews of movie critic, Stephanie Zacharek. I just want to say that she took the lazy way out while reviewing A Single Man. Designer this, tasteful that. What I perceived as a beautiful sensual, emotionally rich film she saw as a cold dish served up by a perfectionist clothing designer.

People, get over your designer hang ups. Tom Ford is an artist. Judge him appropriately according to the type of work he is doing. Take the Project Runway blinders off of your face and be with the film as if you knew nothing about Tom Ford. Be open and fair.

That is my beef for the day.

Keith Richards Portrait Doll

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He’s the man who made the mold into which hordes of young rockers have poured themselves.

For decades young men have come along to take up the flag the human riff created.

He’s passionate, deeply loyal and proud to be what he is.

If you were to start now and take a long stroll through the Rolling Stones catalogue, stopping to really listen to Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street, you would be blown away by the power of Keith Richards.

Most people assume, because he’s an in-your-face front man, that Mick Jagger wrote those great songs. Not so. Almost all the best, beautiful, deep material comes from Keith’s heart and soul. Whether songs filled with romantic longing, hard core rocking force or something in between, it’s Keith.

The second Soft Boy, Keith, moves me every time I hear You Got the Silver or Wild Horses, or Happy, I am filled with powerful emotion.

And so what better inspiration for the second Soft Boy.

It was super fun doing the hair. I embroidered kohl around his brown eyes.

I wanted to make his lips full. I found a tiny pair of  tiny handcuffs with which to recreate Keith’s hand cuff bracelet.

The shop clerk over at the Beadman on Park Marina Drive was kind enough to sell the last pair like these little charms.

These cuffs can be lined up opposite one another so that I can hook jump rings and chain to them to fit around the doll wrist.

They had them in gold tone but I needed silver. On all their other silvertone models the cuffs were soldered in place. I needed these badly. Where else would I get tiny hand cuffs in Redding?

Fantabulous great picture and Keith quotes over  at Blue_Lena.

“You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the moon and you’ve got the Rolling Stones.”

Amen, my man.

I’ll get to Robyn Hitchcock, soon. Just need to find the right white-silver soft yarn for his great head of hair.

Dig the eye of Keith Richards  Soft Boy!

Keith really does have full lips. Check him out, yo.

One of these days I will do a Keith in his elderhood. That’s where we are at. Go here to buy this Keith.

This one is for the amazing Jordan but I will recreate, as close as possible this Keith edition.

The Sweetest Ramone

Posted in Art, constructions, cute, projects with tags , , on February 28, 2010 by darcyarts

I have finally finished my Joey doll. The first Soft Boy. Thanks, Robyn Hitchcock and dear Moises.

I will have a hard time parting with him. He is so sweet and cute and cuddly and he has great hair.

I left off Joey’s glasses because  after his trip to heaven he’s all brand new and can see just fine. I want to have each of my rag dolls coming from a fresh innocent place no matter what their stylee thing  may be  saying.

I have him done up in casual soft clothes, a stretchy striped T-shirt made from oft washed cotton jersey and some stretchy black jeans.

Joey has beautiful pale pink lips, embroidered with love.

He’s taller than most of the other dolls. It’s kind of hard to tell in the photos.

He has a little belly. I love him. He’s special.

Funky Dark Day

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Rain is falling from the sky and soaking into the ground in many parts of California.

People attending the Golden Globes actually got wet and that was Los Angeles.

I am sort of digging the relative quiet and gray of this day. The wind is howling.

Frank has begun his  Spring semester and I will have hours to work, semi-alone. I have the freedom to watch things I like  — TV, films  — but I’m too focused on creating a body of rag doll work to let myself laze into visuals.

I should have seen this rag doll thing coming. When I find really unique dolls at the thrift store I buy them. They have to be really interesting.

These two are my favorite. I couldn’t leave them at the thrift store.

No one would love them as much as I do.

I gave this sweet couple the wooden chicken and a nest of birds. They make me happy and keep me company on my early morning, pre-light fake bike rides.

They don’t talk much.

I’m working the details on my rag dolls.

Chocolate cherry girl has a fine fuzzy pink skirt to cover her behind.

I gave her a bracelet, too.

I’m conflicted about shoes. They would just be little feet caps. I think I like them better barefoot.

After having already spent time today at the DMV I must now make a trip to Wal Mart.

This annoys me. People drive like meth-crazed hillbillies in that parking lot.

Cousin Dewayne says it’s okay.

Kohl Eyes

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I will list the rag dolls very soon at over at DarcyArts .

We have a storm blowing wet and fierce.The sheets of water on the patio are visible in this picture of my latest, kohl eyed, rag doll head. she’s a little Egyptian/Cleopatra/LizTaylor girl. I love her hair.

I made a little head rack with chop sticks and a board. My work spaces are tight so I needed a place to keep newly finished heads while I get their little bodies ready.

This is a good time start new things.  The moon will be in Aries soon and the desire to push ahead is growing. Jupiter has moved into my 10th house — reputation, public image, career. Jupiter brings good fortune or at least the encouragement to live the Sagittarian code  “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Each of the rag dolls will be a unique one of a kind, hand sewn creation.

I’ve collected such an abundance of materials that I can make them for days and days and try something new every time, keeping what works, incorporating the very best elements.

I have pledged to keep them simple.

This blue/moss green girl is Spirulina. She’ll be one of the first up at Etsy.

Doing the hair is fun. There are so many textures to explore.  I found two big balls of this blue fuzzy yarn.

One is darker than the other but this yarn is wonderful for hair.

I’m having so much fun!

Rainbow Rag Doll

Posted in constructions, cute, projects with tags , , on January 15, 2010 by darcyarts

Here she is. My first rainbow rag doll. Her eyes are abalone shell buttons with pink stars beneath. She has keekass, curly rainbow hair and a Hello Kitty shirt.

I love her.

I will only have enough material to make two rainbow girls with rainbow Hello Kitty shirts.

I hope to have the rag dolls in my Etsy shop next week so check back at DarcyArts.

Maybe I’ll include the little pony for the first buyer of one of my handmade rag dolls.

I finished my blonde rag doll last night. I love the clothes. They are kinda late 50s hipster style.

This doll is a tad more androgynous. I will make boys soon enough.

I have a million of ’em collecting in my imagination.