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A Prince of a Doll

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This morning Prince gets a last-minute improvement. I had stitched a brown ruffled shirt to go under a faux suede, thigh-length vest but it was just too much brown and not enough pop. He’ll be in the mail today but first he needs a new top.

Prince 1 was shirtless early this morning when I did this mini photo shoot.

You can see Robyn Hitchcock in another photo, looking out at us, waiting so patiently to be made into a Soft Boy doll.

He’s looking pretty fierce with those big eyes! I like the tousled locks of black hair. His mustache is a little dark, not the fade shade in the pix but I could not find any dark gray embroidery thread at the JoAnn store.

I could have looked on-line but it’s hard to judge color accurately and time is of the essence.

I have sunglasses for Prince, too. They are tinted a brownish color. That will cool the fierce just a little. Put some coy on the boy.

He’ll be rocking stripes and polka dots as only Prince can do. It will look fine. More pix later when he’s all put together.

Off to stitch now so good day to you all.

Update: He’s done!

Prince 1

Toward the New Year

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After finishing a last-minute Big Pink Sprinkle Kawaii style Donut order Saturday I’ve had time to rest and relax. I’m starting to feel like myself once again. For a while there I felt as if I was being sucked into a vortex of stitchery. I could see nothing else.

I reset my game, got organized, and actually had time to reflect on my handicraft. I felt pretty good about all the creations I’ve sent out into the world this season and said my little prayers that they arrived safely, on time and have found their way  into loving lives. ♥

The days ahead will find me enjoying the holidays.  This week as dear ones gather we will have delicious chili verde and fresh tortillas on the menu, sirloin-based beef stew, sharp cheddar cheese and homemade biscuits and lots of naughty sweets.

I’ll be making Soft Boys and soaking up cinema as I look forward to the high of the awards season.

In January the Golden Globes will be broadcast on the 16th, the Screen Actors’ Guild awards, the 30th.

The Academy Awards will be February 27th.

The Social Network, The Fighter, Black Swan, The King’s Speech and The Kids Are Alright, are the top of the list for Best Picture. The Academy Award nominees will be announced Jan. 25th.

I like that list a lot but must admit to having a bit of dread about seeing Black Swan. A sexual psychodrama revolving around ballet and all its dysmorphic junk strikes me as a little creepy.

The Kid’s Are Alright was pretty cute. I love Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore whose character dressed a lot like I do.

The Social Network was really a very entertaining rocket ride. Jesse Eisenberg was captivating. Once again, I gotta bow down to Justin Timberlake’s talent.

I cannot wait to see the magnificent Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech.

It will be good to see Helena Bonham Carter outside her Bellatrix drag. Could she be distantly related to Led Zeppelin’s mighty drummer?

I do not like to see men hitting one another in the face for cash and I suffer from post-traumatic Trip-to-Boston syndrome but the actors in The Fighter are too good to miss.  Melissa Leo is grand, Amy Adams, too and Mark Wahlberg always rocks it.  Frank (4.0 once again this semester) and I will travel down to Anderson Prime 11, our number two pleasure palace, and see this flick this week.

This morning a trip into the kitchen work space revealed that my picture of Robyn Hitchcock had fallen off the window. I’ll take that as a sign that Robyn needs to be included in my next batch of rock dolls.

Yes, I see Brian Eno gazing over at us. I’m ready. Soon, Brian, soon.

I’m thinking of pairs — Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry.

Sets and mini sets of film-related dolls — The Royal Tenenbaums (thanks, Jordan) which might include a Wes Anderson doll. Making that happen would bring me back to a request that actually got me started on Etsy. A young man blew my mind by telling me he loved my painted portraits. Then he asked if I’d ever paint directors.

I was sorta sucked away from painting (but will return!) but I do think of the Soft Boys and Soft Girls as portrait/ memorial dolls. They are my mid-century inspired, secular retablos or laminas.

The dolls have put my hand back into portraiture and they will happily lead me back into painting. I want to paint portraits of the dolls. It’s a little loony but my process is my own.

Work Can Be a Blessing

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It is a blessing to love one’s work. This week I’ll be finishing my Stevie Wonder doll, finishing David Bowie and if all goes well, starting Joe Strummer with a mohawk.

How could that not be great fun?

I am thankful everyday to be working in my home, surrounded by work materials, light, music and the people I love.

Frank goes back to school mid-month, so I’ll have to get used to less frequent contact, that feeling of knowing he was here 24/7 was nice.

Ah, summer. It will be me and granny’s cat waltzing nonchalantly by his work space hoping to find him there. Together, we’ll sit wishing him home so that we may bask in his affectionate warmth. I am exaggerating but only a little.

David/Ziggy still needs my attention. I’m contemplating replacing the right eye (left in pic) with a button colored with a tinier pupil. I made this one too large trying to get it round.

The hair on this doll has been fun so far. It’s got a way to go before it is just right. I’ll keep the nose simple. A painting I did of a Bowie-esque character was quite trying. I had to paint out the nose three times and still didn’t get it right.

 Ziggy still need’s heavily lipsticked lips to sing all those profound yet silly lyrics.

“Press your space face next to mine, babe.”

I am a David Bowie appreciator but having been surrounded by a gaggle of really rabid Bowie fans, as the generations spilled forth, I love to poke fun at him. I’ll be listening to the Stardust era songs and get hit by a line that is just ludicrous. I repeat it out loud “freak out in a moonage daydream.” Dude. But it’s all good fun and how do I know he didn’t intend a sort of ludicrous tilt to the whole Ziggy project?

Here is a site dedicated to Ziggy Stardust. 

 My daughter Jessica, who will be here in four days, yippee, has suggested I do Soft Boy CSN&Y. That I could do. They are definitely on my short list.

Robyn, I am going to get to you! Soon. When I finally make my Robyn Hitchcock Soft Boy I’m keeping the prototype. I will also knit him an Northern-waters worthy little red devil cap, or crochet him one to be more exact. I can’t knit. 

Robyn Hitchcock is amazing. If you do not know Robyn’s music you are the loser. Get thee to the Museum of Robyn Hitchcock, immediately.

Obama and His Spud Friend

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 This image came across our television screen today and I just had to capture it. Priceless. Barack is so happy to be hanging with Mr. Potato Head and that makes me happy.

I’m listing this BittyPix on Etsy tommorrow. After I finish this post my right hand will be finished for the day.

I was very active today. No, not like that. I was making Bittys.

I did another Robyn Hitchcock for my friend. I want to show you the picture of it here because I found that an interesting thing happens when you cook the Shrinky Dink just a little too long. The Ruff and Ready Shrinky becomes transparent and looks like glass.

This would be very good for jewelry. I’ll have to try a pair of earrings cooked to crystal perfection. You can’t really see the effect too clearly because of the white paper frame here but it looks just like a window pane.

I was all up in the cutting and drawing and such today.

I made two star stamps for printing.

I want to use them to put tiny stars on myself cuz I love stars. If I put stars on my body everyone will think I’m a Kat Von D groupie, which I am but I wanted star tattoo before I even heard of Miami Ink and then became enslaved to watching the brilliant girls and guy on LA Ink.

I draw tattoos onto my hand and wrists with permanent markers because with my love of variety I have never been able to come up with something I’d enjoy forever. Permanent markers are not permanent on skin by the way, but they do last a day or two. 

These are the two star stamps I made today all on one piece of paper.

I can use the new stamps to make cool borders on things.

Or as, I said I can dot myself with them when I get in the mood.

I am going to try stamping fabric with my silkscreen paint someday.


These are stamps of a Mayan head I made last week. I may need to carve a little more white onto the face for contrast.

But now that I’ve mentioned Kat Von D, I’m going to have to think about making a BittyPix of her.

It will happen.

I think she is beautiful and I love the way she squeals with delight. Does that make me gay? 


My boyfriend, Frank and I decided along time ago that we were in-betweenies. On that scale that runs from supermasculine to superfeminine we feel we are about in the middle, kinda girl, kinda boy in just the right degree that together we really click.

That’s him on my devotional Love candle. Beside the candle is a really cute red Toadhead he made me.

You can see more of his work at his etsy shop Tiddinips.

Here is my current fave. Cute lil dragon head.

I bought stuff. Forgive me, freegans

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mixtape earrings I snatched those pink delights from CBTsCloset. The pink mix tape earring I spoke of yesterday. Couldn’t help myself.

I also purchased a cd  from superdog . The boy, Luke, is from Wilmington, North Carolina.

I am finding the most interesting work from the southern regions of our country. Some I’m sure has to do with a tradition of craft and with a unique point of view that we are all in our different ways hell bent on expression. I say YES!

Last night, unable to wait any longer, I did a BittyPix of Robyn Hitchcock. I love Robyn’s music, his freewheeling creativity, his intensity and his looks, too. He’s a tasty tart with a sublime bite.

It turned out very well. Isn’t he yummy?

 I recently purchased an older album, Black Snake Diamond Roll.

I have yet to get through the whole thing. It seems my time is split up into little bits but soon I will have time alone in the car to give it my full attention.

It was originally released in 1980 and rereleased in 1995. (Thank you, Modesto Kid! Check out his beautiful blog).

If you have never heard Robyn Hitchcock. Find some and listen. Jonathan Demme made a musical performance documentary, “Storefront Hitchcock,” that you can rent from Netflix.

I have been going apeshit (quaint term that I’m sure Robyn never uses) lately making glass neck charms. I still tremble before the masterly work of my favorite resin girls, cbtscloset.

Brilliance from cbtscloset (obviously not the resin-work picture you might have expected. I’m easily distracted . Check this out. It’s so cute.

 And stoopidgerl. Below V

So, though I have my little easy resin kit I’ll wait until summer weather is really here to try my second set of  resin stuff and I’ll work in pre-poured glass.