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How to Drain the Life Out of Rock

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Say you want to put together a rock n roll show and you really want to  drain the life out of every performance. How would you do that?

First, don’t invite Ozzy Osbourne, but more about that later.

Before watching The 25th Anniversary Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Concerts I did not know that this concoction was a Time Life product. Now I understand why the “concert” seemed a nightmare of geezerish reduction.

Problems? The musicians were some of the best of the last century but they were grouped in ways that robbed each person of their uniqueness. The viewer is further punished by the fact that every musician is damned to perform their most insipid or most heavily over-played song. It became a game for me once I realized that was going to be the case.

Wait, Lou Reed will play Sweet Jane. What are they going to do with Patti Smith? Oh, yeah, Bruce Springsteen is there. They will make her play Because the Night. Neither of these are bad songs. The have their charm. The words to Because the Night are ridiculous but when Patti sings she’s all the way there to sell it. If you take the individual artistic integrity away from these songs they suffer.

Bad Editing: The lineup of performers was insane. It made no sense historically, musically or in any other way. The first segment started out with a well-worn Jerry Lee Lewis performing Great Balls of Fire. His feigning of youthful contempt by kicking over the piano bench after his performance did not work. It looked ridiculous. After Jerry Lee threw furniture around, which seemed to take all his strength, of course we move right into Crosby, Stills and Nash performing Woodstock! 

Many performers did not perform their own songs. Musicians of this caliber should be allowed to perform their own songs.

Thank god David Crosby got to do Almost Cut My Hair. David is a golden voiced god in all-too human body. Still the Woodstock/Freak flag emphasis was trite and TimeLife corny.

“Hey, arthritic 60s geezers, ‘member the good ol’ days of rebellion and mayhem? You’ll never have the energy to do that again, but you can buy this shitty trip down memory lane!”

David brought out his favorite Singer, the brilliant, soulful Bonnie Raitt who sang a Jackson Brown song, Love Has No Pride. Hey, Jackson Browne was there! He followed Bonnie and did The Pretender. Not something beautiful and real from his earliest days. No, play something form after he has become cynical and has begun to love that money train.

In keeping up with the California folkish sound, CS&N reassemble and invite James Taylor out. They play Stephen Stills’ Love The One Your With. Then James Taylor leaves. WTF?

Next we switch things up with a photo montage of the early days of the real folk scene in NYC. There is Rambling Jack Elliot,  Dave van Ronk, the young Bob, of course, Jack Kerouac (was he a folk singer?) and that is the perfect segue to . . .

Paul Simon? Okay Paul is from New York. He wrote a lot of wonderful songs was he ever a serious folky? Playing the people music? I don’t think so.

What do they have him play in this spot? You Can Call Me Al! What?

I guess they had to have a sort of bland latin rhythm carry over from Love the One You’re With. Is this Rock n Roll?

Another segment had Stevie Wonder and his band for the night anchor the stage for a couple of guests. It’s really hard to screw up a Stevie Wonder performance. Stevie always sounds great and powerful. How did they throw a wrench in that machine?

They had him perform Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel. They invited a very tired and overweight B.B. King out to do a half-baked, sit down version of The Thrill is Gone. Oh, yeah, and made sure Stevie had to endure technical sound problems.

Smokey Robinson made an appearance with Stevie. He did a beautiful performance of  The Tracks of My Tears. Jeff Beck came out and played some hot guitar with Stevie on Superstition. 

By this time I really couldn’t take anymore. We switched to the second disc looking for rock music. and there was Metallica!!!  It was like a minor, studded miracle.  I am a fan of Metallica in an ironic sort of way. They crack me up and loud bass is a really, really good thing. Kirk Hammett is cool.

Metallica play a song then call out New York’s greatest voice. Lou Reed? I’m so excited. Now things will be alright.

“Dion DiMucci!”

What? He sings The Wanderer. I like Dion. He was cool but how can you even conceive this segue. How? Am I on crack? Are the organizers of this shit on crack?

Lou Reed did come out, eventually, and play Sweet Jane with Metallica as his back up band. There will be no delicious Lou Reed leads.Kurt Hammett’s got the floor. Don’t get me wrong I love Kirk Hammett. Lou wasn’t allowed to sizzle and be Lou. The audience was hungry for Lou’s authenticity, his essence. They didn’t get it in the clips I saw. Wham, Bam, Thank you, Mam. Lou was gone.

Last night I loved Metallica. They got to host Ozzy Osbourne who tried his damnedest to get people excited and on their feet, get up fired up!

“Stand up people!”

There was a lovely medley of Iron Man and Paranoid. Hallelujah.

If you love real music, in its natural state, don’t watch the film The 25th Anniversary Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Concerts.


Soft Boy Parade

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The Soft Boys are on parade in the DarcyArts Etsy shop. I psychically flinched prior to now about remaking my sweet, dear to my heart prototypes but, dude, it’s my favorite work after Big Donuts. Maybe it’s a tie. It’s just that the donuts are so soft and look like a delicious forbidden food.

I am semi-petrified to think of recreating but My Soft Boys come from a place of love etched in  my heart by music. That makes a big difference. Like Barbra Streisand, I’ll  proudly admit I can never perfectly recreate any one performance.

note: I’m reading a tacky bio of Barbra (Christopher Anderson). I’ll get the Barry Dennen bio next. He actually knew a young Barbra in her formative stage.

I’ve taken care to tell potential buyers that these are prototypes and that I will not be matching them exactly but will be laying each stitch in with lots of love.

Fellow Etsian, myneedlehabit , threw my Mick doll into her wonderful rock n roll inspired treasury.

Myneedlehabit is an embroidery junkie. She takes lovely vintage materials and adds lyrics in her own hand, combining sensibilities and two of my favorite things — words and handcrafted creations. Nice. ♥♥♥

Art Dolls Only Alice in Wonderland Challenge

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I am throughly confused about where I am supposed to post my finished (sort of) Alice in Wonderland doll/sculpture for the Art Dolls Only team challenge.

I thought I had it figured out. I’d post it on my personal blog and then, tomorrow, go visit others ADO members’ blogs. Then at the last minute I thought no maybe it’s supposed to be on ADO where we have individual blogs, too. Seeing a post from someone else who almost did what I did today, post on the individual ADO Blog, then realized it goes on our non ADO blog me deciding I should post here. Here goes.

I don’t feel the critter is completely finished but I liked getting to this point. I kept it simple though really what does that mean?

The hookah smoking caterpiller from Alice in Wonderland was my choice because I felt Alice had been done. At the last moment I wanted to switch and try a Mark Bolan in Top Hat doll to stand in for the MadHatter but it was just too late.

This is a sock caterpillar with little burned out Xmas bulbs for eyes.

I used yarns and threads and marker pens to get my dull sock to have a bit of color, still I think it needs more contrast. I may return to this project in the future.

I really didn’t go all out on the hooka. Another dollmaker at ADO made a beautiful hooka for her Caterpillar.

Kandra Niagra made a smashing caterpillar and that amazingly ornate and huge hookah! Go Kandra!

I love my mushroom more than my caterpillar.

It’s my first attempt at a caterpillar so I’m cutting myself some slack.

I like the little crabby hands but they need more definition. More marker pen?

I used an old wooden spool for the hookah. Very plain and very low tech.

Here’s a photo of the caterpillar with my avatar redhead doll. They are just hanging out now.

I feel my two creations (so far) specifically for ADO challenges have been really lackluster. I’m not sure I should try to cover as many challenges. It might be better to keep on doing the Soft Boys/ Soft Girls and when one is appropriate for a challenge offer it.

Everyday is an ongoing experiment with time and creativity, eveything I do and I will learn what works best.

I feel very blessed to be able to do this work  that I love and I’m always thrilled to have invitations to try something I may not have otherwise tried to create. Interaction with others is good. I continue to learn.

I won’t get too bummed about  things that don’t come out as well as I hoped they would. I am making my rock-n-roll-doll dreams come true and that is priceless.

Stone Mick

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When I thought about doing it I knew my first reaction would be laughter and I was right. Of course, he’s so easy to cartoonize. His face is easily plunged into caricature.

I am very happy with my Mick head. He’s just itching to get his body attached so he can strut like a rooster. I’ll stuff his bod today.

It’s amazing to me how simple the stitching can be and still communicate specific traits.

Years ago I longed to be a cartoonist. I loved, still do, R. Crumb for his detail, his workmanship and mania for the pen. He along with Lynda Barry have inspired me to try my hand at artistic pursuits probably more than any other folks beside Andy Warhol.

I think I’m learning more about cartooning making cloth dolls than I did from reading all the materials specifically on the subject.

I made his do very leonine. He is of course a Leo.

Mick on a stick. This is how I cut the hair and get a good look of how it hangs. Do I need to add a lock or two? Cut this section a bit shorter. It works well and satisfies the latent hairdresser in me.

I don’t believe it is possible to make Mick’s lips to big. They really are beautiful. If you were his ex-girlfriend you’d miss those lips.

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