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Ramone Rampage

Posted in Art, etsy with tags , , , , on March 20, 2009 by darcyarts

Okay, it wasn’t exactly a rampage but it was tons of great fun.

I got to my Johnny Ramone painting project and just couldn’t put it down!

johhnyramonenonprintI never imagined I would paint Johnny but I love requests.

I’m in my pink phase so I put Johnny on a pink background. Goes well with the black leather jacket.

I played Ramones Mania while I painted. I thought of sweet Joey and of Johnny stealing his girl, his broken heart, teardrops, his sweet Taurus sadness.

The girl was no good for Joey because she didn’t really feel him but you can’t stop feeling hurt just by reasoning your way through the dark. Psychotherapy, indeed.

eyeJohnny prints are over at DarcyArts.

Mr. Moises Domingo Rios asked for Townes Van Zandt.

townescropplusJessica Pratt suggested the columbines when I said I wanted to put flowers on the border.

They are mentioned in Townes’ sad, beautiful song, Columbine.

“Now breath upon the petals fine,” said Townes.

Colby Drosher requested David Essex.

Never in a million years would I have painted David Essex.

I really liked the portrait.

I went with polka dots on his shirt. I love to paint faces, so sue me art-elitists. I’m happy as a hog.

davidessexcropOh, Mr. Mick Jagger won’tcha sing some country blues for me.

Yes, Mick is going on my list of portraits to do.

Angus Young is next. Then Arthur Lee. I’ve had him sketched for so long.

And then Poison Ivy and the late Lux Interior, and . . .

Just ask people. I take requests.

Rockin’ Good Fun

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I have made a few historical pop culture candles. I mean I’ve decorated a few devotional candles with celebrity elements.


 elvis.jpg and Michael Jackson jackson.jpg are both on

Yesterday I discovered someone else doing alterna devotional candles and she makes her own labels for them!

Vicki Berndt is a talented artist in Los Angeles. Check out her etsy shop BERNDTOFFERINGS.

She has a great Johnny Thunders devotional candle. She includes prayers on the back, too. You need to see it. You need to love it.

Berndt also does custom big-eyed portraits ala the now-famed Margaret Keane stylie thing.

Visit Berndt’s web site to find out about getting yourself done big-eyed. Too cool. I’ll bet you will be ecstatic to know that such an opportunity exists.

I added touches of bright pink to my semi-anime Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

animejeffreyleecl.jpg I guess he looks more like a Disney prince with a subtle 5 o’clock shadow.

But no matter cuz out in the ether of time as it ripples through the universe Jeffrey Lee continues to wail and preach the blues.