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Nano Seconds

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Lou Reed is singing The Gun.

I believe Lou Reed is a master. This well crafted song is from his remarkable 1982 album, The Blue Mask.

It’s one of my favorite Lou LPs.

It’s the iPod Nano and iTunes. Far too easy to buy music., too. Far too simple. Far too immediate.

Self control? I’m grazing through the Iggy Pop and then Genius suggests more. And, yes, those do sound good. And, yes, I do need to click on that icon as fast as Genius can pile them up on the screen.

Waves of Fear, also from Blue Mask. Chelsea Girls, a Lou song recorded by Nico. Velvet Underground 1969’s Mr. Rain, of course. Iggy and the Stooges I Got A Right, the incendiary version, give it to me.

Here’s an amazing version of I Got A Right wherein Iggy, sans Stooges, is forced to lipsync. Don’t try to make a Taurus do anything he doesn’t want to do.

Okay, Spacemen 3, if you say so. Did Genius only suggest them because the tune is called Velvet Jam? Must be cuz it’s kinda corny hearing it now for the first time. But weren’t they big time hipster groovers? I expected more.

I began to look at the ever growing list alphabetically. Geez, it’s cool and weird. To listen that way can be rather jarring. Especially since my taste runs from the quietly sublime — Fleet Foxes, Mark Olson, Gary Louris, Robyn Hitchcock (Trains), Erik Satie — to the take no prisoners best of rock.  No, make that Rock, with a big old capital “R” — Stooges, Queens of the Stone Age and in between in the sweet spot, Roxy Music, Robyn Hitchcock, again (Freeze, I Want to Destroy You), Velvets and Meat Puppets.

In the last 10 minutes I heard Roxy Music’s Virginia Plain right up next to Jim Dyar’s Walkin’ On a Ledge. The Queens of the Stone Age with Walking’ On the Side Walk the Lou with Waves of Fear. Dig it, if you’re able, Mabel.

Now I understand why one needs 120 GBs. You just fill it up and get more rad combos. Shock me.

SF Art and Biscuits

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My daughter Jessica is making some really cool things these days.


She’s in a period of high creativity.

She called Tuesday to have me check out my myspace where she had left pictures of her new work.

It is beautiful and intricate and comes from rock like our whole lives have, sort of.

alltogethernowThese are about seven inches tall, said  Jess.

She found the crosses in the dollar store she lives above in San Francisco.

Here we have Jimmy Page, Miss Mercy of the GTOs and Capt. Beefheart. I love the rainbow strips. So cool.

Radiant light, radiant color, this is what I imagine our spirit energy to be, radiant light.

beefheartcrossYou can actually see Beefheart in this photograph.

Safe as Milk and twice as pretty.

dylanchiefHow about Bob Dylan wrapped in a cloak of pale blue?

jimmypagecrossJimmy Page was an early inspiration for Miss Jess. He was enchanting as a young lad and didn’t he make some spellbinding music.

mercythingMiss Mercy of the GTOs, a beautiful full body cross.

picture018gailGail Zappa, wife of Frank, young house mother to the GTOs at times.

Gail is the cutest original free thinking woman of those times, though Miss  Pamela was sweet.

Jessica and I both read Miss Pamela Des Barres tales of being close to the music makers of a golden time.

Imagine being in the studio with gram Parsons as he plays the piano and sings you one of the saddest songs. Your heart would swell and you would never ever forget that soul pouring out. A moment shared and she shared it with us.

Jessica made contact not long ago at a book reading in S.F.

jessandmisspamelaSo cute and so smart these girls are the real thing.

Jess has more crosses coming into being right now.

She’ll do a Pamela, no doubt, and probably a Gram Parsons.

Biscuits tomorrow.

My Vegetable Heart

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Frank and I planted new cucumber and red pepper yesterday. After a morning of first of the month errands we hauled out the heavy bags of soil filled a tote box full of organic soil and put in the newbies.

cukeredpepper43The red pepper is in the middle. This may be an unrealistic amount of room for everybody but we’ll make it work.

I can trim and tend to the greenies like a motie.

Vegetation, I salute you.

Vegetation, dear departed Brian Jones salutes you.

brianjonesclhipixThe sun calls you out of the ground. Its radiant warmth pulls you from below.

Brian Jones wants to go. Brian Jones wants to go.

Something kept you sleeping, but in your tiny seed a promise.

Your energy unleashed by light.

You could feed the world. You could clean the air and look so beautiful while in the midst of your charity.

You are so willing to lay on my plate.

Vegetation, be yourself. Be organic.


DarcyArts, where rock takes a vegetable for a bride.

Ah! Do you hear it? Strains of the Mothers of Invention.

Soprano sax sez: da da da da da da da da da .

Ray Collins (vocals)
Jimmy Carl Black (drums)
Billy Mundi (drums)
Roy Estrada (bass)
Don Preston (keyboards)
Bunk Gardner (woodwinds)
Motorhead Sherwood (soprano, baritone saxophone)

(Cheesey, Cheesey)
(This is a song about vegetables, they keep ya regular
They’re real good for yo)

Call any vegetable Call it by name
Call one today When you get off the train
Call any vegetable And the chances are good
Aw, The vegetable will respond to you

(Some people don’t go for prunes…I
don’t know, I’ve always found that if they…)
Call any vegetable Pick up your phone
Think of a vegetable Lonely at home
Call any vegetable And the chances are good
That a vegetable will respond to you

Rutabaga, Rutabaga,
Rutabaga, Rutabaga,

(A prune isn’t really a vegetable…
CABBAGE is a vegetable…)

No one will know
If you don’t want to let them know
No one will know
‘Less it’s you that might tell them so
Call and they’ll come to you
Covered with dew
Vegetables dream, Of responding to you

Standing there shiny and proud by your side
Holding your hand while the neighbors decide
Why is a vegetable something to hide?


Mojo and My Next Painting

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mewavemagicIt took me years to understand that the notion of inspiration could be a slippery slope where creativity is concerned.

“I believe in magic. Why? Because it is so quick . . .”*

If we wait to be impelled by mysterious forces before we begin to practice our craft well, we don’t, practice.

It took me a very long time to conquer my distaste for making a mess. I was loathe to do it wrong the first time I tried so I never tried. I finally realized time’s a wasting and I took the failure bull by the horns.

By it’s very nature diving into a new project is guaranteed to produce a uncertain amount of mess.

Now I take the risk but believe it or not I am a cautious person. I have trepidation as I take pen, paint brush or keyboard in hand. In the case of my top hat (above) it took leather and glue to lay down something new.

I dream of something I want to bring into the physical world, and that journey, by way of materials and a fake-it-till-you-make-it know how is often a bumby ride. But that’s the fun of it. I never know how a thing will turn out.

It took me a good week to make this top hat because I’d never done it before. I bungled the steps, I fretted over it’s roughness but I pushed on. I had to add a star to cover a blemish.


The actual sequence of steps in the process of top-hat making were revealed to me through my mistakes. Now I know the right order. Next time it will go  more smoothly.

And Lordy doesn’t it feel new each time? I face the same amount of risk with each creation. It’s a new set of circumstances each time.

What’s next? A painting of Arthur Lee.


Having read the 33 1/3 Forever Changes and having noted my impressions here while listening to the Rhino Love collection while doing so, I was impelled to make the sketch of Arthur. 

Even though I know that relying on inspiration can be a detriment to getting one’s thing on and even though I would like to start painting projects in a more rational way, the truth is that I am “moved” by my passions to put an image onto a board.

I can think of a number of good subjects and have in the past few weeks catalogued a number of them, but I did not pick up the pencil during this vacation until I was feeling a strong desire to bring this particular face into the physical world.

I have been deeply moved by music over the course of my life. It makes sense that a lot of the faces I’ve been “moved” to portray are the faces of musicians.

Below are links to the portrait prints at

I’ve painted Frank Zappa, Jeffrey Lee Pierce twice, sorta David Bowie, Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Elliott Smith, Pete TownshendGram Parsons, Howling Wolf, and Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe.

There is a long list of faces I’ve still got to manage: Pamela Des Barres, Linda Thompson, Lucinda Williams, Victoria Williams, Patti Smith. Joni Mitchell, Odetta — I need to do more women. Poison Ivy and Lux interior are high on my list. So are Marc Bolan, Jerry Garcia, Joey Ramone, all the boys and girls who struggled and made their best effort and died young  . . . the list could go on forever.

Sometimes if the feelings are too intense that kind of clouds my abilitiy to deal with the physical necessities of working with real-world elements. I guess I get star-blind or love-blind or something. I couldn’t write with a clear, analytical head about Mark Twain when I was in college because I love him to a degree that is unreasonable. I have been unable to paint a portrait of Jeff Buckley for the same reason. If I painted portraits in an order related to the number of hours I have listened to a particular artist Jeff would be first on the list. The members of X would be next. I painted Gun Club’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

I painted John Doe but was disappointed with the result.


I’ve got a few of these paintings.

I like my James Brown but, early on I mod podged with a glossy finish. Bad move for photos:





My Brian Eno’s not bad but in all three I used shiny materials that I do not know how to photograph without shine, glare, light bounce.

Love that glitter! I learned, though.

These were some of my earliest paintings.





My biggest diappointment was my Bob Dylan. I found a beautiful picture that I think everyone loves and even though the angle of the face, with Mr. D looking down, is pretty much outside my skill-set to pull off accurately I didn’t let that stop me.

I loved the challenge of the curly hair, too.

I am currently listening to the Five Royals. Early R and B. Too Cool.

“My baby’s got the best washing machine in town. Ooh, Ee, what a machine.”

This disc is a great mix of wonderful, sincere gospel inspired ballads and these sweet, funny, raunchy tunes. They rocked.















*lyrics by Arthur Lee from”The Red Telephone” on Forever Changes.

New Head Goods Arrive

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I had a real treat waiting for me when I got home last night, I mean besides, Frank.

Two books I ordered from Amazon had arrived.

One is a rock novel, Say Goodbye: The Laurie Moss Story,” about a woman who grapples with fame in the music biz.

Lewis Shiner, a man who lives in Durham, North Carolina wrote the story. It was published by St. Martin’s Griffin press.


Here’s a jacket blurb:

“Shiner has written a fine novel about rock ‘n’ roll by believing more in muscian’s human nature than in their mythologies.” — Mark Athitakis, New York Times Book Review.


“Like Tom Perotta’s The Wishbones, Jessica Hagedorn’s The Gangster of Love, or Nick Hornby’s two novels, it’s an emotionally credible account of how rock’s grandiosity affects down-to-earth lives.” — Eric Weisbard, Village Voice.

And lastly:

“Rock and Roll literature? It seems like an oxymoron, but Shiner pulls it off.” — Laura Morgan, Entertainment Weekly.

I have long desired to pull it off, myself. I spent years trying to get a coherent story out of my head. The imagining, envisioning stage was delightful and I could do it anytime and any place I wanted.

I met two characters that bounced boldly and bawdily out of the ether and demaned to be given life.


Musician twins Stevie (left) and Dee Darcy (right) rocked my world. I named my future creative enterprises for them.

The story went from scratch to hundreds of pages over the course of that long experiement.

It allowed me to see how much I didn’t know, how truly immature I am and worse how much I lean toward the romantic and soap operatic. So, I spent another few years recoiling from that self-revelation, getting distracted by paid scribe work which killed my playtime thrill with it as a giddy refreshing enterprise. Such is life but only temporarily.

I intended for this painting to be Stevie and Dee in the canyon where they lives but it turned out to be Dee and an adolescent relative. Doh!

Here is a lovely Klimt picture and rich brick-colored beads stuffed in a section of my handy, hold-everything student lamp. Another redhead.

Recently, I decided that I would read everything I could to put myself back into the rock-novel head space.

I started reading the 33 1/3 books and they are really a direct return to places and spaces in my life that music occupied.

I’m one of those people who spent a great part of my life obsessed with music. I love it and many of the stylie things that have come from it appeal to me.

Bob Dylan was one of my early fashion idols. That slick style he adopted after his trips to England in the early 60’s was unparalled.


Bob in polka dots and an op art handkerchief and young Richard Manuel, still all shiny.

Rock n Roll was just the slice of pie that I grew up drooling over and I long to make my vision come through it’s lense.

Yeah, things have changed over the decades. Rock as a defining term has gone through some degree of transformation. I need to digest that, too.

This girl came late to the Rock party but she has it in her bones:

Being a Chicana she’s also a perfect seguey into the other book I received.

What a great coat Kat von D has on here.

Okay, tommorrow Cine Mexicano.

Now I’m In Bad Trouble

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Continuum’s “33 1/3” books? Okay, I’d heard about them vaguely. I’ve run into references here and there while reading through Amazon reviews of other books. I may have even picked on up sometime in the book store and flipped through it dismissively. But last night something happened.  I think I turned a corner and now may be hooked.

Each book is an intensive look at a particular album, it’s times and process. Each is written by a different person, some are musicians, some are writers some aren’t. Some employ a bit of fiction, not to pull the wool over your eyes but as a function of their narrative, like John Niven’s “Music From Big Pink,” and some lean more toward an academic style. You never know what you’re going to get which makes choosing sort of a gamble but one that is comparable to the thrift-store thrill.

Since each is unique it will be impossible for me to reject the whole series based on any one book. I can always read opinion/reviews on Amazon and blogs but in the end it’s all subjective. The reader goes in with certain expectations, certain prejudices.

Here is a blog dedicated to the 33 1/3 series. Mojo has a message board about 33 1/3 books.

One reader review faulted the writer of the Led Zeppelin Four essay for delving too heavily into the mystical/occult but geez, that was the territory Mr. Page was exploring.

I’ll try to be open to each book and expect only that I learn something. Yes, I expect I will occasionally be annoyed, disappointed, confused even, but it still seems an exciting prospect to read this series.

I have ordered “Music From Big Pink”, “Trout Mask Replica” and “Exile on Main Street.” Once I begin to read them, which I hope to do in October, I’ll form my own opinions and let you know.

The real trouble is that there are at least a dozen that I could easily read — Love’s Forever Changes, Bowie’s Low, Velvet Underground with Nico, MC 5’s Kick Out the Jams, Pixies’ Doolittle, Beastie Boys’ Pauls Boutique, Dusty Springfield Dusty in Memphis, Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces, James Brown Live at the Apollo, Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, P.J. Harvey’s Rid of Me and Jeff Buckley’s Grace.

There is one on Richard and Linda Thompson’s “Shoot Out the Lights!” They also have works from Celine Dion to Slayer! Belle and Sebastian, Joy Division, U2, Wire, A Tribe Called Quest, The Smiths, Minutemen and oh, yeah, Dylan.

There’s a wealth of tomes on some of your favorite albums. Led Zeppelin 4, Black Sabbath Master of Reality (written by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats), Lucinda Williams, Patti Smith, Horses on and on and on. They are fairly affordable. Amazon sells most for just under $9. I almost bought David Bowie’s “Low” but it will have to wait until next time. I expect to be disappointed with the “Low” book because I know, regardless of how many words are dedicated to covering Eno’s role, there will not be enough Eno to suit me.

Now and in the fabulous future one never needs to wonder what reasonably priced gift to choose for me. I’ll be accepting cheap used copies of any and all 33 1/3 books. I’m no perfection-expecting elitist.

PopMatters and Pitch Fork both have quite a few reviews of various 33 1/3 books. There are at least 50 of them.

Here is the 33 1/3 wiki.

An accidental discovery for you bloggy Bob lovers: BobDylanEncyclopedia.

Electric Kool Aid Grassy Mess

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Grasses are growing in the kitchen window.

They have grown very tall and should be consumed. I leave them to become scraggly.

 I did give one to my granny’s cat, Sam. I didn’t plant them thickly enough for their roots to bind the top of the dirt in a neat tangle. So, when he drags the grass around his little area of the kitchen it makes quite a mess.

Have I mentioned that there are four, count ’em, four planets in Virgo?

We have Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Mars was in Virgo until it slipped into Libra just yesterday, but wait, the Sun will be in Virgo Sunday.

Colby? Are you okay? Moises?

For those of us with Virgo and Gemini these planetary jaunts, all ganged up in Mercury-ruled Virgo can be, to put it mildly  . . . umm . . . tension-inducing . In the past, too many planets in Virgo has worked my nerves like enduring full days of nails screeching down big old blackboard.

We might find ourselves suddenly possessed by a dire need to be very tidy. We may be obsessed with the analysis of the most minute aspects of things in the world around us. It can resemble the state in which  we find ourselves when we have consumed too many stimulants.

Yesterday I found it a blightful torture to subject myself to the scabrous environment of WalMart. Well, I’ll admit I always feel like that but it was especially icky. My apologies to all the good people who work in that environment. I mean no offense. It’s just a quirk of mine.

The gas station I chose had the cheapest gas my pocket book has seen in months but the place seemed exceedingly unkempt.

This one is heavenly by comparison. 

I was practically having the fantods by the time I got back home.

Oh . . . did I mention we might become hyper-verbal?

This Virgoian energy can also goad us into action and if we take a lot of deep breaths it might even be productive action instead of the chicken-without-its-head variety.

Okay girl, now ORGANIZE!

I seem to be doing pretty well this year but I have plenty of places to channel it. I’m sure it’s helped me absorb the new computer training at work. It was easy. It was fun It occupied my rattled mind.

Today I start organizing and producing postcards. I’ve got a list full of artsy projects. But! at

I know that tonight Moises Domingo Rios will treat eveeryone who listens to the initial broadcast of the reading of Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-aid Acid Test.

This is the cover with which I am familiar. there are others.

But The glory of this event is that someone whill read us Wolfe’s poetic masterpiece.

Everybody who reads this should tune their computorial receiving device to west add radio tonight. In California that’s 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

 If you are elsewhere calculate to Pacific time and check the station.

I can’t wait!

Here is a blog with a young man’s alternative covers for Electric KoolAid Acid Test.

Hey, I see Moises has found the covers!


Something else cool for my roving mind.

The lovely Gen turned me on to a piece of writing by Patti Smith-Smith (hello, FSS) that deals with rock, rebellion and her R n R Hall of Fame induction. It’s here on the Alice in Wonderland blog. Thank you, Gen.

This is some kind of organic growth on a branch I picked up while walking.

I made it part of a hanging sculpture.

These mirrors reflect the morning light and can create quite a light show at the right time of year.