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Work Space Streamline

Posted in family, film, projects with tags , , , on September 20, 2011 by darcyarts

Just a little tweaking to streamline the cubby-hole work space at the south end of the living room.

It is actually a return to the old set up with both the computer table and the art work bench, side by side.

There is still lots of color in this small space.

I had originally chosen a smaller TV for the viewing space just on the other side of this work area. I fretted a bit thinking the giant stacks of brightly colored fleece would be distracting. With the smaller screen you could clearly see it in the work space.

My son Brian gave me a really big screen and now I don’t even notice the shelves full of material.

I did put up a theatrical curtain to separate the two areas if we ever choose to close it off. I like the purple curtain and green paper shade together.

The big screen fits right up against the shelf which holds the big printer which closes in this work space.  It’s a perfect solution.

The long shot of the small work space  is taken from just above the printer.

I’ll have to do something about that black lamp cord.

Spring Work Space

Posted in constructions, finds, handmade with tags , , on April 7, 2010 by darcyarts

On this lovely spring day, with temperatures getting close to the 70s, I am working happily and making progress on my latest custom order.

I received an email with corporate papers to do this particular job. I must sign a non-disclosure form. I think that means I can’t brag about this job for this big corporation or if I do I must not reveal any of their company info.

I don’t really know anything about their company info, and if I did I wouldn’t want to discuss it. I think it’s just a routine big biz process.

Making big heart and peace sign pillows has been fun. I’ll get them done this week and shipped off. Then it will be back to dolls and donuts.

Everything I’ve started this year has been a pleasure and I hope I can keep it going.

These are photos of my sunny kitchen work area. I’ve got all my sewing tools, thread, sissors, exacto knife which I use for a seam ripper, colored pencils for sketching out ideas, needles, my sewing machine and lots of little things that seem to fit into the general rainbow decor.

A portrait of my fictional character, Dee Darcy, the namesake of my handmade company, is a new addition to the kitchen workspace.

These things make me happy.

I like to see them in the course of my work day.

The laundry room is my shipping area.

During early morning trips to WalMart and Michaels I have scored many nice boxes. I never have to buy boxes. That’s a good thing because they are expensive.

Sometimes I find other packing materials, too.

The nice pink paper I used to make my heart pillow pattern came from a local art supply store. They get it in their packages of goods and they just throw it away.

When I see it I always ask them for it. You can see the green and pink and white folded pieces stuck behind the wooden chair holding my donut pillow.

I have big bags of stuffing in the laundry room, too. I’ll go through it fast putting together this latest batch of things.

More boxes and a nice pink metal clip on lamp I found at the thrift store this week. It’s good to have a back up light fixture.

Time to retire for the day.

I need to go sulk about missing out on the March issue of Mojo Magazine. I cannot believe I missed the Sly Stone interview and the Syd Barret cover!!!!

Anybody out there got a copy they could part with?