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Rolling out the projects and delighting in construction, composition, design of all kinds!

It’s been hot as Hades here in the north country. It was close to 100 degrees yesterday. I worked inside all day until getting word that my donuts were okay for shipping to North Carolina. I went out the car to find the battery dead. Disaster was averted thanks to AAA. They sent out a battery fixing unit and we soon had a new unit and I was off to the post office. The battery dude was really nice.

Here is a picture of my little soft sculpture tableau. I call it “Hello Bliss.” It includes (in my mind) the muslin paint and glitter testing strip to the left in the picture. I made the hand stamped follow your bliss flag and the yellow mushroom ( I will make mushroom, I will make mushrooms!). I did not make the Hello Kitty.

Seeing this little assemblage makes me happy.

I’ve got the Bellatrix face going on, y’all. It’s coming together very well. She will look great when she has her curly long hair. Tune in next week for the reveal.

I’m working and trying to breathe deep in the summer air. It seems harder to do in the last few years. It seems my on again, off again asthma has been persistently dogging me since last fall. Please, lord, don’t let there be any fires despite how desperately the city editor at The Record Searchlight may pray for them.

Errands this morning will prevent me from sharing the wasp/spider story until tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Rainy Morning with James Franco and Spiders

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Up early and actually finding time to read the Advocate article/interview with James Franco.

It’s very good.

An excerpt:

It was hard for us to imagine anyone being able to embody a young Allen, but James just threw himself into the role and knew what was going on emotionally and intellectually for Ginsberg in every line of the script. He so gets into Allen’s skin. It never feels like impersonation. It feels like a deep, nuanced understanding.”

That first impression doesn’t surprise Vince Jolivette, Franco’s close friend and producing partner. “James is probably more similar to Ginsberg than any other character he’s had to play,” Jolivette says. “They’re both writers. They’re both poets. And they’re both fascinated by art and who gets to decide what art is.”

Men after my own heart!

Now, I want to share a visit from a spider. The creature explored a portion of the plushie terrain in the DarcyArts kitchen studio. It was a very interesting looking spider. Hello Kitty and Ninja Squid 1 were the plushies explored.

“Creep, crawly, creepy crawly . . . “

Boris the Spider

Have a good day. I’m off to the work space to make a doll face.

Good Fun Work

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I’ve been busy working, but my work takes me out for supplies and trips to the post office and it’s been nice.

BandageHelloKitty1The  Hello Kitty bandage was stuck to the asphalt near were I parked my car on my last trip to the post office.

I had to snap a photo. I love these accidental images.

The last time I watered the strip of garden that runs along the northern fence water sprayed from a hole in hose onto this spider web.


Afterward, it looked like it was hung with diamonds.


I hope the spider didn’t mind. I think he hid out for a spell but he’s back this morning.

Chimps are still coming to life in the sewing work space. I grabbed a few more bags of super silky stuffing, finished sewing on heads, united them with their torsos. Today I’ll stitch the arms and legs into place, straighten a smile, set their caps.

Next week I’m expecting to create a plush rocket for a man in the Netherlands. Fun, fun, fun. I love custom work!

The long awaited hat roll out at DarcyArts. Etsy is just days away. Saturday morning they’ll be ripe for picking!

I spent the yesterday’s a.m. hours putting together two hats that came out well.

HandCakeboxFrontAI’ve been thinking about what I will call my hats of this shape.

I’ve decided to call them Cakebox Caps.

This is a design I have wanted to create for a while. I saw a cap,  worn by a musician in a Charles Mingus documentary, with a hand and arm wrapped around it.

This is my take on the open hand hat. I’ve stitched the elements onto the band/base of the cap.

handCakeboxSupaCLI really like this one. I can do endless riffs with this basic idea.

I found some material a few weeks back with these soft beige, pink, white and pale green mandala designs.

I’ve been waiting to make a cap from it.

SoftmandalaSide This beautiful trim was found in a thrift store not long ago. I love this cap, too.

SoftMandalaCLThe caps are made with a variety of band sizes. This mandala band is 3.5 inches in height, not counting the dome curve.

The open hand cakebox cap is five inches so it sits boldly on the head.

The bands of five inches will cover the ears and that makes the perfect for the chilly regions of the country.

GirlySkullFrontThe band on the Girly Pirate Skull cakebox cap is six and a half inches which makes it long enough to roll.

It’s a cool touch and makes the design more accomodating for a variety of heads.

I love being a milliner!!!! ♥♥♥

Spiders, Basil, New Orleans

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Out this morning to have a look at the Cuke/Squash bucket I noticed the blossom on this chili had formed a little skirt around its middle. There is even a little bluish tassle. Dainty, eh?

I took a closer look and saw the fly. I sort of blew lightly in its direction and it wriggled but did not fly away.

Inside with the photo up on the screen I could see that a spider has a hold on this fly. See his little legs?

Good Work Spider!

I also had the opportunity to rescue the little brown spider I’d transferred to the Cuke/Squash bin from a watery death. I read that you could fill yellow containers with water to drown the aphids. I placed four tiny yellow lids in the bin and filled them.

I see less aphids on the squash blossoms but we’re still losing some to creepy destructo bugs.

I gues the little brown spider can only eat so many aphids. I also read that you can just squash some and that will act as a deterent.

What bug would want to eat in a place covered in aphid guts?

I guess you never know. It could be ambrosia to some.

Yesterday on my way to work I listened to the CD that came with this month’s Mojo. It’s a collection of tunes from Seattle’s Sub Pop label. It’s in honor of their 20th Anniversary.

I loved Flight of the Concord’s song “Bowie.” It’s satire and very, very funny.

I wanted to be able to put it right onto my blog. That frustrated desire made me realize I need to get schooled on how to transform music files.

I know there is a way. Now I must research. I must learn.

Do eggplants learn? What sort of work is it to grow their aubergine skin and tender whitish yellow-green insides?

I did not nip this bud from the cinnamon basil. I wanted to see the flowers. Very pretty.

They remind me of snap dragons.

I love the form of this series of blossoms. A tower of dark purple curves that open into pinkish lavender flowers. Beneath are green brown leaves and purple green stems.

And it is so fragrant.

It seems like New Orleans is calling. I mentioned it a few posts ago and Nick Spitzer’s American Routes had a great New Orleans-themed radio show last night.

It always captures my imagination because I have a desire to live in a place with a sense of community that matches my sensibilities.

It is wild, sweet, deep, imperfect and gloriously gaudy or so it is in my impressionable mind.

The humidity would be a draw back but it would curl my hair. That’s a good thing.

I recently watched a Miami Ink where Ami and the boys went to New Orleans. Yoji Harada is a cool guy (him with his band).

It seems he’s psychically sensitive, too. He could sense ghosty entities in the old firehouse where the boys stayed.

It was a little frightening to see the new gray wall of reinforced levy built in New Orleans and sad to see the damage still lingering.

I imagine that the new New Orleans is going to draw some very interesting people People who have a heart for the way things were, the history, the people and the rich, rich funky pot of cultural mojo. I would think the DIY spirit would be strong in the folks who go on this restorational adventure.

I hope New Orleans is peopled with creative doers and is not tragically transformed by developers who will kill the mojo. Maybe the mojo is so strong it can work to preserve the place as it is meant to be. And maybe if the city blossoms, righteously anew, the engrained mojo will drive away the greed demons.

Harry Shearer moved there. You can hear his radio program Le Show on NPR. It’s on Sunday from 10 to 11 a.m. on the Redding/Chico station at 88.9FM.

This picture is from a New Orleans blog, Squandered Heritage. Check it out. 

There is a conference going on this weekend “Rising Tide III: A Conference on the Future of New Orleans.”

Nick Spitzer said that Tulane had opened with full enrollment for this fall.

The 2009 New Orleans Jazz Festival will be at the end of April.

That sounds like a great vacation.

Harry Shearer used to travel there for it and do his show from there each year, Now he’s a permanent fixture.

Yellow Vibrations, Spiders and Bob

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Yellow is such a great color. It seems to vibrate. This morning the cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, had opened their blossoms.

In the early morning light this yellow, in shadow, is subdued.

Waxy pale yellow peppers and Frank’s orange shirt.

These peppers could be stuffed with feta and soaked in oil. Naughty.

We have lots of spiders and yesterday I took one from the far side of the driveway and let it loose in the squash/cuke bin.

I did see a couple of spidery strings shining in the morning light today.

 I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a spider web in that bin.

Here is another cuke blossom and a spider with lovely red segments on its legs. This one is in the territory where I snatched a younger spider probably of this type.

This one is strung out on the wild climbing rose.



Spiders are busy spinning webs. Then wait for another critter to wander in and once they do they have no choice but to stick around.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore Cate Blanchett? I love her. I delight in her every move.

She was amazing, of course, in Todd Haynes’ Bob movie.

Last night Frank and I finally watched “I’m Not There.”

Todd Haynes is frickin’ brilliant. He majored in art and semiotics at Brown.

It shows in all his films, especially “I’m Not There” seeing as how Bob Dylan is, arguably, a semioticians dream subject.

I loved the movie because it had great music. How could it not? And because it made intelligent, creative and funny references to all the major players in Bob’s life. It was graceful and poetic and cinematically gorgeous. It celebrated Bob in every frame while still being part critique. There was love throughout every second of it’s 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Some won’t get it because not everyone has chosen to live their life consumed by music and it’s attendant culture or, shall I say. cultures.

Haynes chose some of my fave Bob tunes and the covers were amazing. At the end of the film I was super stoked and surprised to find that the extremely interesting version of “Ballad of Hollis Brown” was done by Iggy and the Stooges! Nice touch.

And Calexico, with Jim James of My Morning Jacket on vocals, killed “Goin’ to Acapulco!” they stomped that sucker into sublime submission. James, in white face, was on stage in the center of town, in this great Canadian recreation of an old west settlement. It was beatiful and so well sung I may have to reconsider My Morning Jacket.

I even want the soundtrack but I’d pay big bucks for an album full of Cate Blanchett’s Dylan covers.

Spider Transplant

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Wednesday morning: A few more days of spraying some chili spray on the little plants in the squash, cucumber bin and I think it’s making a difference in the aphid population.

Here is a full on star of a squash blossom is diffused light. The sun comes and goes today. It may rain.

If you look carefully you can spot a couple of tiny green aphids in the recessed cone.

I am wondering if I could transplant a spider from somewhere else in the yard. Do spiders enjoy aphids? Might they have a particular fetish for aphids soaked in chili pepper juice.

I am no monument to scientific knowledge. I’m just getting through here and DIY is my solution most of the time though I know when I’m out of my depth.

For the last batch of chili water I used half a packet of the fine chili sauce from Panda Bowl. It was a good mix.

A quartet of eggplant are waiting to be feasted upon and soon we will indulge cuz that’s how we roll, eating up all those veggies.

I made a stew for last night’s dinner with tomatoes, red chilis, rainbow carrots, a dark green peyote-shaped squash, a pale white long neck squash, purple onions, mushrooms, garlic, fresh cinnamon basil, some curry and stew meat to ground all that divine vegetation.

I think I’ll have some for breakfast.

Today is Andy Warhol’s birthday. I’m listening to Lou Reed so I can feel closer to Andy.

This morning I heard a poet allege that Andy said:

“Being born is like being kidnapped.”


“Isn’t life a series of images that repeat.”

So I decided to share some images that repeat in my 2006/2007 sketchbook.

Here is my Andy in honor of his birthday.

In this sketchbook is a series of quick sketches I did imagining Andy engaged in pleasuring himself.

I have photographed these sketches in such a way that no one can be offended by “purient” content. In America certain corporate entities believe that they can dictate the boundaries of self-expression. That’s all I’m saying about that.

Andy was a beautiful guy and I know he did things to encourage the sexless-catholic-don’t-touch aspect of his persona but he was a human being, a Leo with Moon in Aries and therefore passionate.

“Strange, beautiful,” as Jimi Hendrix said about someone.

A Lou Reed song:

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I think you’re, oh, so beautiful
I think you’re so kindAnd I think I would miss you
if you disappear into the divineAnd I think of an apple core
when you start thinking of god
And I know I would miss you
if you disappear into the divineAnd I think you’re so beautiful
beautiful as the blackened space and stars
But all I see is a coreless seed
when you cry for a God who’s not there
And I think you’re so beautiful
and I see you’re as the sun
That shines out through these galaxies
shimmering and warm, ahAnd I think you’re so
beautiful, oh, oh, oh, oh
and if there’s one thing I believe at all
It’s how much I would miss you
if you disappear into the divineIt’s how much I would miss you
if you disappear into the divine
It’s how much I would miss you
if you disappear into the divine
How much, how much
how much, how much
How much, how much
how much, how much, how, how much
If you disappear into the
How much, how much
(how much), hey, hey, hey, hey