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Posted in gardening, nature with tags , , on May 1, 2012 by darcyarts

Spring days, oh so warm, and such a treat to see green leaves and beautiful flowers. I don’t know who planted these. It was before we moved into this house but they look great along the fence on the drive in. Thank you!

Nature is magnificent.


Sunny with Dolls

Posted in constructions, dreams, etsy, family, handmade, projects with tags , , , , on April 15, 2010 by darcyarts

What a beautiful day! I think I’ve been on a love high for the last 24 hours.

It was more fun than I imagined to  make those marriage promises to my honey ♥ and place the ring on his finger. He has the most beautiful hands. I carried a picture of them around with me for years. I even wrote a poem about them long ago.

Did I ever mention that I detest taking phots of myself? This was a happy occassion.

As Frank finishes his spring semester I will be working on custom projects that I am so thankful to have been assigned. There are angels out there looking in on me.

I’ll be busy through June. I am hoping to work on my dolls and donuts as I work to finish all the custom work.

I was granted membership in Etsy team Art Dolls Only!!!

I am so stoked about it and hope to do great work with their shared inspiration and group determination. They have two great challenges going on and what a great idea! They float a theme out there to spur creativity during a particular month or two. I started a doll that will perfect for one of them. Yahoo!

I’ve had these little flower stickers 4 ever and was glad to be able to use them to speedily layout my May Day Sylph vision.

I will make her a lovely garland of plush flowers on short dark brown hair and give her a diaphanous dress.

She’ll be small and rather pink.

Let the work and the love blossom ♥

Toy Photos 2

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elephantdandelionrightlopixYesterday’s warm sun in the late morning was very nice for the second toy photo shoot.

This little elephant seems to be enjoying a dandelion.

The yellow petals are fresh and vibrant.

The little pink pig is very photogenic, too.

piggydandelionclI got a little bit of shadow in this one.

When my kids were young I loved buying toys. When they grew up I just admitted to myself that I love the toys, too.

Now I’m saving them for the grandchildren I hope to meet in a few years.

piggydandelionmedlopixI think this one is the cutest image from the photo shoot.

Piggy and Dandelion is up over at DarcyArts.Etsy.

Wouldn’t a print make a great baby shower gift. Welcome to the world little baby!

The piggy looks like he’s waving.

img_7129After a tough 15 minute session in the sun these guys have a break in the shade.