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Apple, Snail, Frog

Posted in etsy, finds, handmade, nature with tags , , on October 20, 2010 by darcyarts

An apple cut horizontally reveals a pretty little star.  The apple looked especially nice on this orange trivet.

The star points are highlighted by a circle of little dots.

Nature is my favorite artist.

We humans are driven to stitch together pretty little things.

I have put up a pair of embroidered works in the DarcyArts shop.

These little vintage wall hangings have all a very 70s sensibility. The avocado, orange, yellow, beige colors and the homegrown, hand sewn beauty. The ever popular mushroom form is found in these dainty nature portraits.

One piece has a snail.

One piece has a tiny frog.

I love these pretty embroideries and secretly hope they don’t get chosen from the goodies in my shop.

I can’t keep every lovely think I find. Can I?

Curly Stars and Rainbows

Posted in Art, constructions, design, dolls, handmade with tags , , , on July 31, 2010 by darcyarts

I am busy today making an Orange Curly Star pillow.

I love stars. You might recall I got a star tattoo the spring I freed myself from sagging corporate slavery. It is not a curly star because I didn’t trust any local tattooist that much. I’m sure there is some tattoo artist out there capable of doing a really clean curly star but unfortunately, I was following an artistic impulse. I know that is bad when it comes to tattoos but a vision is a vision.

I’ve just made what I hope will be a workable pattern for the curly star pillows. I was doing each of them individually by placing five parts of a star on the material but I want more consistency.

I also played with color on my existing images this morning.

Red, purple, blue yellow.

If I could use the photo processing  software to change colors that would save time, too.

It’s kind of cool but maybe tacky.

I was fretting yesterday about the little time I’ve got to get stocked up for the holiday season. We’re down to 15 or 16 weeks.

I’ve been intent on “getting ahead” of my orders since January but I’ve had work to do everyday. That is a very good thing. I’m not complaining. I just feel I need to really bear down produce.

No more invention of new items, just refine the existing, appreciated items and make, baby!

I can do a rainbow of pillow pictures easily now. That is good.

I also have lots of rainbow fleece –ROY G BIV in one piece — that I can make pillows from.

I want to get those pillows done soon.

You can see the rainbow material in the photo of the caps and hats. It’s pretty cool stuff.

I’ve got a really exciting Soft Boy going, too. Two actually. I’ve got a Ziggy face nearly finished and I’m hard at work on Stevie Wonder!! A Wonderful 🙂 request from my most enthusiastic Soft Boy buyer. I even found sunglassed that i think will be the perfect size.

Check back for photos of doll work next week.

Rainy Day Clay

Posted in handmade, projects with tags , , on February 26, 2010 by darcyarts

I have a certain indescribable aesthetic when it comes to jewelry. I don’t generally like gold, though if I came upon some ancient Celtic jewelry I’d wear gold.

Both pairs of earrings purchased this year  have lost their mates. I decided to just by fat beads to slip onto silver hoops I have. I’ve  already lost one of my favorite sparkly yellow beads.

I decided I would fashion other danglers for my oval hoops. I broke out the polymer clay and made stars.

I cut the “legs” extra long and made curly stars. The brown stars look like they are made of leather.

Now if I can just get the jump rings to stay together.

Don’t these look like they are made of fudge?

New Year, New Stars

Posted in constructions, etsy, shopping with tags , on January 4, 2010 by darcyarts

I’m busily sewing, cutting, sketching, choosing colors for the projects I have lined up for this year.

I’m out of the planning stage and well into the activation part of the process. Now is the time to hit the bumps in the road so by next season I’ll have all the kinks worked out.

I created a pink curly star and a purple curly star. These are meant to be accent pillows. They are very soft and cuddly. That makes them good items to have around when you need something to hug.

I have star patterns cutout in rainbow material, light blue, and a couple of greens. I tried to choose colors that go against what I would chose for stars, just to mix it up. I know not everyone shares my taste.

Green stars seem kinda weird but I’ll try it.

I’m leaving my dollar store stars up. I always intended to have them up for non-holiday decoration.

I just like stars.

Back in the Saddle

Posted in Art, cute, etsy, plush critters with tags , , on December 8, 2009 by darcyarts

So happy to come home to a flow of orders over at DarcyArts!

Squiddies are going off to new homes this crisp winter. Catnip squids and adorable squids for people are charming the peeps.

I sold my first curly star and I’ve got them waiting to be sewn in pink and purple, too.

I made a couple of green Albi-like dragons early in Dec.

Keep ’em coming, folks!


Posted in Art, constructions, plush critters with tags , , on November 14, 2009 by darcyarts

I like stars. They look so good from so far away. They may be, at our sighting, light that has just now passed through our universe. The source may have transformed into some other type of energy.

Starday3One day last summer I was thunderstruck  by a desire to  have some color on my upper arm. I wanted a brownish red star and got one, more or less.

I think it could use a second infusion of color. I’m not sure the artist knew about the circular color application technique.

I made a curly star stamp before I chose permanent symbol for my bod.

I’m really taken with the curly star. I decided to create a plush version.

RedStarVerticalHere is the star in it’s “Mighty Star” pose.

It looks like it’s flexing it’s starry muscles.

I have toyed with the idea of putting eyes and a mouth on them but I’m not there yet. I think I may try it on a smaller model. This prototype measures about 23″ x 18″.

RedStarHorizontalThe star looks different at every angle. You can rotate his position and he becomes something new with a different feel.

The red star looks less macho like this, as if it’s floating happily. Wee!

We had the distinct pleasure yesterday of getting to know Yayoi Kusama! A DVD docu on Kusama arrived. It was really really interesting.

She is amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Yoko Ono was influenced by this amazing Japanese artist.

To call Kusama prolific is a grand understatement.

If you are an artist dealing with the dwindling stores of energy as you grow older you should take heart from Kusama’s example.

Here is an interview with Yayoi Kusama.

Rich Texture

Posted in Art, dreams, etsy, projects with tags , , on February 5, 2009 by darcyarts

When I think about how much time I now have to pull together my creative ideas it feels like a thick blanket of stars in warm night sky.

A sea of possibility, as Miss Patti Smith once said.

All the shiny things I’ve thought of bringing into the world may find their way into 3-D.  I just have to play my cards right, keep my eyes on the prize, and do the work.

I’m pretty dang good at doing the work. Frank says I’m the most industrious person he knows.

Etsy has made it possible for me to get my feet wet and as my creations continue to be called for, here and there in the first few months of this year, I am heartened and will continue to expand my galaxy.

It also gives me a great excuse to go to the thrift store.

owlduoI found these two lovely vintage owls yesterday. They are dreamy.

The white owl has two inscriptions carved into the bottom.

“Elna Roberts” and “made by Aretha, 1962”

As I stood in the funky little store, holding the owls, I fantasized that a young, black and gifted Aretha Franklin might be the creator.

Occasionally, I’m a fabulist but I never, never lie.

These are going into my shop.


Athena, Merlin and Harry Potter all grooved with the owl.

Creatures of the night, they see in darkness, they are able to pinpoint their prey and swoop in to scoop it up.

I want my focus on art projects to be that powerful.

Pinpoint creative vision on the objects of my imagination, have faith in my ability to manifest them gracefully, practice doing so, share them, those are the goals I hold in my heart.

yellowblueclearHere is the evening sky.

The blanket of stars is out there at this moment. It just hasn’t come fully into view.

Today is my last day perfecting the dragons. they’ll be boxed and shipped tomorrow.

I’ll miss them.