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Green First

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It’s a sea of green out in the planter boxes.

It won’t be very long before these turn reddish-purple brown. They will be fat sweet and juicy.

We should have ample supply. They will provide delicious tomato sandwiches, tomatoes for all other sandwiches, diced fresh tomatoes with gently cooked fish and bruchetta for days.

Trader Joe’s had samples of a very tasty bruchetta snack a few weeks back.

Customers were invited to try TJ’s bruchetta with cold cooked lentils and very fresh feta cheese served on a pita chip. It was so very good. You definitely must try it.

I love chips and salsa and could eat them every day. This Trader Joe’s recipe offered me a good Mediterranean alternative for spicy Mexican flavors.

We’re going to have cucumbers too. Yum.

Cold Fried Chicken and Jello

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Time is flying by this summer of 2010. I am happily working on art projects and experimenting with domestic adornments, recipes retro and classic.

Frank and I finished of all available episodes of The Tudors and are impatiently awaiting the release of season 4 on DVD.

Season 3 of Breaking Bad is in our Amazon Video on Demand library and we are watching two or three episodes a nite.

If you recall, I was pretty groggy while viewing most of the season. Getting up at 5 or 6 am and trying to stay up until 11 p.m.  It’s great to get a second look at the season. So brilliantly acted and written and filmed. I love everyone who participates in creating this show and that include Albuquerque itself. Looking good ABQ.

In Plain Sight, another series filmed in Albuquerque, is aided by location. I love the actors in that show, too. The writing is good. These are the pleasures of summer.

We’ve eaten dinners of cold fried chicken and jello! I was delirious the day we slapped it on the plate and forgot to take photos. Next time. Here are the leftovers.

The cherry jello was stuffed with slices of real cherries, thin bits of cantaloupe and fresh raspberries.


New Life Summer!

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Just a few pictures from the garden.

Here is a big blossom on our non-Japanese Eggplant. These are slower growers.

If you look carefully you can see a tiny bug on the left. It is green and may be the spider’s next meal.

The Japanese eggplant is crazy with blossoms.

It must have busted out with six of them overnight.

They are smaller than the domestic  eggplant.

These are fresh buds.

The color is an  electric and pale version of the rich aubergine the eggplant will become. Ah, Color!




These flower photos are from my trip to downtown Mt. Shasta.

I have always loved hollyhocks. They are the towering beauties from old gardens that i always associate with the late 1800s, early 1900s. There were often seen in illustrations in children’s books from that time.

Now when I see them I always think of Kelly Brewer, too, and her blog Pink Hollyhock.

I bought my first hollyhocks at Bracken’s down on Eureka Way. When they grew and blossomed they were double petal hollyhocks. Beautiful, yes, but I prefer these.

Here is a rose that I found growing outside that cute book shop in that little cottage on Mount Shasta Boulevard.