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The tomatoes are growing so well.

Six containers worth of delicious tomatoes. Better yet some are staggered so they won’t all pop at once.

I’m guessing that the temperature difference between here and Sebastopol is keeping the purple colors at bay. We shall see though. We have many more to ripen in the future. 

They are sweet and full of taste which is why we grow our own in the first place. 

We put them in a pan with olive oil to cook fish. We will eat them on nice bakery bread with a bit of mayo or ranch dressing or have them sliced on a plate with feta cheese. Oh, yum.

A little reserve bud on the sunflower is kinda small and appears to be a bit nibbled on.

The cucumber plant has given us two cukes and there is a third but new growth seems stunted. All the little cuke starts are drying up. Boo.

I’ll add some fertilizer.

It’s such a pleasure to see these things.




Garden Grows While I Make Donuts

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Early morning watering in the garden was lovely.

Took more pictures of the tiny little insects with the yellow wings that are going to town on the face of our big sunflower.  They are doing rounds up there dancing in the pollen.

The tomatoes are multiplying and the cukes are gigantic.

The tiny insects on the sunflower are not alone. We have spiders. Hopefully, they are wrapping up the bad bugs.

I didn’t see any big spider wrappings but the two grasshoppers are m.i.a.

I’ve rigged up a batch of chicken wire and bamboo sticks and odds and ends to give the cucumber vines clinging space.

I hope there is natural hanging room from where the cukes place themselves.

They are going to get big and fat if this guy is any example of what is to come.


This morning will also be spent making big plush donuts! I’m trying to stock up early for the gifting season. Everybody loves donuts.

Making donuts is relaxing and they always look so cute. I hope to have dozens and dozens of them ready to go out the door by November.

Donuts are selling every week here at the DarcyArts studios and that is a good thing.


I made eleven chocolate donuts last year for a birthday party.

Morning Sun

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Opening the front door in the morning presents me with a sight so seductive i just have to venture out with the camera.

The first thing I see is the beautiful yellow-green of the leaves.

Such a large tree and so many leaves. They change and fade and they fall.

I slept in this morning and then found I’d sold a Dragon to a California near the sea. I got busy soon after these pictures were snapped and I’m just on a short break now.

Here are some little sunflowers growing in the rain gutter.

Wonder how long they can stay anchored there?

Isn’t the sky a rich blue?

It’s a beautiful day.