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Very White

Posted in gardening, nature, photos, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on May 31, 2012 by darcyarts

Finally got some good pictures of the new white papavers.

You have to catch them in just the right light. Too much light and the image blown out. Too little and they look drab.

These are more of the fine crop of Annie’s flowers we got at Eileen Barry’s Wild Thyme in April.

The  tomatoes are doing very well. A closer examination gave e the distinct impression that we did get cherry tomatoes. I hope so. one plant is filled with many, many, little red bulbs.

I also stuck an old onion in a planter from which I expect to see pretty buds soon. Will they be shades of lavender?

Bounty’s a Coming

Posted in food, gardening with tags , , , , on July 10, 2011 by darcyarts

The weathermen say that next week will be relatively mild. Temperatures are predicted to range from the mid 90s to the high 80s. It’s the second week of July. I call that a lucky break.

The plants managed well in last weeks hotter weather. They get a thorough listing/soaking in the early a.m. most mornings.

Sometimes little finches frolic in that mist. So cute.

The bush cucumber from the health food store looks fab. The tomatillo, too.

What fruit awaits us?

The eleven Paul Robeson tomato plants are robust and have flowered impressively. We even have a couple of tomatoes out.

The colors of all the vegetation is my morning delight.

New Work, Sunny Day

Posted in constructions, dolls, etsy, handmade, projects with tags , on March 7, 2011 by darcyarts

It’s a Monday and a lovely one at that. The sun has been shining all day and I’ve got a really cool new project.

I have been commissioned to create portrait dolls of three beautiful girls and their cousin. Another Etsian, one who happens to live in the same town, wants her daughters and niece immortalized as cloth dolls! I am so stoked about this work. I’m preparing the muslin to day and will cut the doll bodies tomorrow.

I will share the work here as I go along. Fun!



Spring Flirts

Posted in constructions, etsy, gardening, handmade, nature with tags , , , on February 19, 2010 by darcyarts

The sunny warm weather will leave us today. The clouds are gathering. The happy pinwheel I bought yesterday will get soaked by rain.

These four large birds were hanging out in a tree not far from our yard.

We are two doors from the river so I guess the turkey buzzards were taking a break from their morning hunt.

They are so much bigger than they appear in this picture.

It took me a minute to remember to hit the zoom focus.

Tuesday, I just had to get out in the bucket garden and take a look at what was going on.

I had discovered that catnip, cat mint, is a perennial. It’s growing in and will provide a new crop for the DarcyArts catnip squid.

I think kitties can smell the fresh catnip from a long way off. Happy customers claim their cats are on the squid before it’s even out of the box.

The plants are coming back to life in the big old bins.

Rain is on the way. Hope the storms don’t throw any hail down.

I will work on two really cute ninja squid this morning. I’ve given them rhinestone eye sparkles. The idea is my sons.

He thought my pink and black squid looked like a ninja.

The squids I made yesterday are pink with black masks. I’ll ask him if they look like ninjas. They don’t have a black body suit just a mask. I’ll post pix here Saturday.

Frida head gets a body today . Also earrings and clothes. Time to get busy.

Figurines in the Yard

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krustystaresaboveKrusty, my friend look toward the heavens. You will see that ignorance is lifting off the planet, rising and floating away like a dirty blanket.

Today is tax day and some foul unnamed yokels have done a little hypnotism on the chickens.

They will stand at City Hall today in Redding squaking with with tea bags that will not be used for their intended purpose.

Dumb Ass is as Dumb Ass does. I think Forrest Gump said that.

Krusty expects that this sort of ignorant ballyhoo will soon be over.

You must judge a man, a woman by the fruits of their efforts. Did your actions bring wisdom, plenty, joy? Did you enable the growth of something worthy?

krustydoubledaffodilsI had Krusty out for a photo session the other day. I like his colors against the grass.

He looks so eager. For what, I’m not sure.

krustywredflowersI love Sideshow Bob. I’d like a figure of SSB.

Think I’ll go looking for one.