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Corey Miller’s Owls

Posted in Art, design, television, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on October 2, 2010 by darcyarts

This is an image of a Corey Miller owl tattoo is from a tremendously cool blog out of Nottingham, UK, that posts pix of Owl Tattoos!!

If you ever considered getting an Owl on your bod this is the place to check out. There is a serious gallery of good photos of tattoo artists, owl by owl, from all over the world.

Corey Miller did another owl tattoo for Amy at American Electric and it was so cute. It had sweet girly eyes, perfect for Amy. Here’s a link to that photo.

Corey Miller is so very talented. Here is a link to his shop Six Feet Under.

I am watching LA Ink but I am watching it a week late to catch it at 9 p.m.

Still getting up really early. It’s so nice and quiet before the sum comes up.

I still can’t stand some of the high jinx on the “reality” tv show. Rooftop sucks. I hope Kat got really tired of his crap. I wondered if he really stayed at her house or if that was faux reality TV bullshit. I hope so.

Kat seems to be maturing and damn, she really tries to get her thing going on in a major way. Gotta respect that, for reals.

Curly Stars and Rainbows

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I am busy today making an Orange Curly Star pillow.

I love stars. You might recall I got a star tattoo the spring I freed myself from sagging corporate slavery. It is not a curly star because I didn’t trust any local tattooist that much. I’m sure there is some tattoo artist out there capable of doing a really clean curly star but unfortunately, I was following an artistic impulse. I know that is bad when it comes to tattoos but a vision is a vision.

I’ve just made what I hope will be a workable pattern for the curly star pillows. I was doing each of them individually by placing five parts of a star on the material but I want more consistency.

I also played with color on my existing images this morning.

Red, purple, blue yellow.

If I could use the photo processing  software to change colors that would save time, too.

It’s kind of cool but maybe tacky.

I was fretting yesterday about the little time I’ve got to get stocked up for the holiday season. We’re down to 15 or 16 weeks.

I’ve been intent on “getting ahead” of my orders since January but I’ve had work to do everyday. That is a very good thing. I’m not complaining. I just feel I need to really bear down produce.

No more invention of new items, just refine the existing, appreciated items and make, baby!

I can do a rainbow of pillow pictures easily now. That is good.

I also have lots of rainbow fleece –ROY G BIV in one piece — that I can make pillows from.

I want to get those pillows done soon.

You can see the rainbow material in the photo of the caps and hats. It’s pretty cool stuff.

I’ve got a really exciting Soft Boy going, too. Two actually. I’ve got a Ziggy face nearly finished and I’m hard at work on Stevie Wonder!! A Wonderful 🙂 request from my most enthusiastic Soft Boy buyer. I even found sunglassed that i think will be the perfect size.

Check back for photos of doll work next week.