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Tax Time Flash Time

Posted in constructions, dolls, handmade, Mind Power with tags , , on April 12, 2011 by darcyarts

Looking over DarcyArts sales over the last year was a real reminder of the amount of work I single-handedly managed. A bit of self-congratulation is definitely in order.

Bravo, Constance! you kicked ass. 110 items. It seemed to me that I did little else and now I can see why.

Here is what I created over the last six weeks.

Boy, that seems like a long time but it really does take me two weeks to do one doll. So I’ll have to admit to myself  that I was a tad ahead the whole time I was feeling miserably behind.

Curses, self-doubt. You must be pushed away from from my breast. Get thee gone!

I love every minute of this struggle to get clear.


Tax Time Try Outs

Posted in projects with tags , , , on March 25, 2010 by darcyarts

I’m busy! Taxes are going to be very different this year than last. I’ve received and lived on the meager amount of retirement bucks squirreled away while employed. I created a very small business and have to do the math on that enterprise.

I’m trying Turbotax. So far it’s easy. I like the little tote box that counts up your return as you go along. Kaaching!

The taxes will have to wait until I get the first part of a new custom order done.

I’m finishing off two more big fat pillows  in the shape of letters and numbers. The I get to make peace signs and hearts. ♥