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Holiday Cheer

Posted in constructions, family, film with tags , , , on December 19, 2009 by darcyarts

Things have been grooving along here at the DarcyArts arts shack.

I’ve been busy every day putting together chimps or squiddies.

It hasn’t been crazy but rather a pleasantly steady flow.

Visits from the kids will make this season even more warm and interesting.

Jessica was here last week.  Here she is on the upstairs porch of The Attic . it was a beautiful day.

We also made it over to one of the downtown antique collectives.

One of the best things about it was the giant martian blow man.

We both got good snaps of the green dude in action. Here are my shots.

Is it strange of me to consider this next shot a sort of 70s , wha chukka wha, sexy up the thigh shot?  What would Tom Ford think?

I heard designer, filmaker, Tom Ford on Fresh Air last week and liked him very much. I was amused at how much of a prude Terry Gross seemed about male nudity. Ford was amused, too, and asked her why she automatically read the male nude in question as sexual.

Their conversation was very interesting stuff on advertising and design and cultural aesthetics. Yummy.

I love Terry Gross and find that the pinball-like bells go off in my head every time an interviewee says

“That’s a good question, Terry.”  Of course it is.

Here is blow man in a Limbo stretch.