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Still On

Posted in constructions, etsy, millinery with tags , , on September 11, 2009 by darcyarts

I’m still on the exercycle. It’s been over a week straight. I think I started right after my last check up with the MDs.

Blood work showed me edging closer to a “pre-diabetic” zone. I do not want to be physically undermined by my own sloth.

I could stand to lose 15 pounds so I’m on it everyday.

BlackHandAI’ve enjoyed long days of working through craft, art, millinery projects. I’m exhausted two or three hours earlier when I start my morning with a 12 mile “ride.” It has it’s benefits. I probably think a bit more clearly.

I activated the Genius function on my iPod. It works very well for occupying my mind while on the bike.

I’m so very curious about what tune will come next. I never look at the list it generates. That would spoil all the fun.

I know music helps me stay on the exercycle and now the element of surprise makes it more exciting.

I wonder how Genius works.¬† I will be bummed if it’s as simple as a rhythm track. I was almost annoyed yesterday when it chose two or three songs with the same drum sound.

It was super hard getting started this morning. My legs were not ready to plow.

Modest Mouse and QOTSA saved me, drove me on through the thick muck.

I spent the better part of yesterday photographing my head model in the caps I have listed on Etsy. Then I posted them on the listings.

EdwardianCatSashFrontTiltAI also added top hats and an Edwardian hat, some with Halloween appropriate sashes.

TopHatRedSkullSashFrontLowI’ve got the hats and caps listed, mostly, as make to order but I think that may freak people out.

I may just list generic sizes for a particular hat. Tweak it,till it’s right.


Hats Galore

Posted in Art, constructions, millinery with tags , , , , on August 25, 2009 by darcyarts

This week, so far, has been about getting a soft top hat together.

The first try had a brim that was a bit large. This is with the top of the top hat pushed in a bit. I like the way it looks. This is without a decorative band or any kind of extra adornment.

WideBrimAboveLtThis shot angle finds Millinery Marilyn Manson looking very demure.

The light in the room is very schizophrenic. I can catch the sunlight just right at a certain angle and then at another it is much darker. White balance?

WidebrimFull2I got a wonderful book, a pictorial history of hats from the 17 Century to the 1970s. It is full of great illustrations and pictures of all kinds of head gear.

We should all wear hats whenever possible.

WidebrimBackLtI like the gray hats.

I made a puffier, more Victorian-style ladies top hat today. This one is a shape I really wanted to try. I think this brim is a bit too narrow. I’ll make the next one wider.

I’m using the snipped plastic ties as stays in the bands of the hats and it’s working very well.

I tried to sew circles into the brim of today’s hat. It seemed to intensify the curls.

IMG_8886It looks kinda cool. I used the sleeves of a very plastic blouse for the trim. I really liked the pattern but hated the feel when I wore it.

I’ve added a fake pink flower that I found near a mail box where I deposited¬† our latest Netflix DVD Scott Walker: 30th Century Man.

That film was very interesting but touched with Capricornian dourness.

ShortBrimPinkFlwrNow that I’vebeen looking at my head form for a few days I really like it. Still, it may be too jarring to be an effective model.

I’ll try another head form and my goal will be to create a very smooth surface before I put the face on. I did not gesso this first one. It may have evened out the rough spots a bit.

I need to make a head that is a bit smaller. Only my large hats fit this one.

I made a cute cap from some nice, oddly polka dotted fleece Sunday.

BrownPolkaDotLeftAThe pattern of these dots are very strange. I love the sherbert colors with the chocolate brown.

BrownPolkaDotTopBackBrownPolkadotTopCLThis is a small cap. I have enough of this material to make two more. I want to keep one.

I’ve got a really nice taupe to use for the Victorian ladies puffy hat and some killer pink furry material for a tall top hat.

I have really cool Halloween-themed netting with spider webs and skull and cross bonedsto drape on black top hats. I may try a top hat in white.

These are all things I’ll delight in engineering in the coming days.

I just love this work.

I’m working on having at least four chimps ready for Mail Chimp’s chief primate wrangler when he’s back in September so I have to keep a handle on my time.

Both enterprises are valid.

I sent in an application for the Bazaar Bizarre Holiday craft sale in San Francisco. I will be utterly stoked if I get to participate. They notify applicants on Sept. 30.

Send me your good energy folks.