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Spring Yard

Posted in gardening, nature with tags , , on May 12, 2011 by darcyarts

The green of spring has busted out big time.

The catnip, tomatoes and basil are getting a good misting. Everybody looks good. There was evidence of critters digging about in the fresh dirt inside the boxes. Chicken wire is in place to keep out the squirrels. Was it  our feathered friends ?

Early morning shots of the sky, white clouds and trees made for cool silhouettes.

Ah! Nature.

Buckets to Box

Posted in constructions, dolls, etsy, finds, handmade, nature with tags , , , , on March 13, 2011 by darcyarts

True confessions — I cannot work well with loud noises or with obvious home projects undone. I need quiet, except for music or the soft bland visial hum of the home and garden channel and order.

Friday morning there was lots of noise and plenty of really efficient doing away with a tall pine.  The landlords decided to cut down an old pine tree in the front yard because it was leaning towards the long driveway which allows folks in the small cottages behind our house to exit the premises. Those workmen knew what they were doing.

Does the center of this trunk look healthy?

They had the stump removed and the thinner sections of branch consumed by the chipper all within four hours.

Saturday a woman (yes! Go girls.) came by and took her chain saw to the leavings. She hauled away three or four truck loads of  now newly cut firewood.

Still that meant Saturday was a noise fest and pretty much right outside the window of my cozy kitchen work space.

I took the opportunity late Friday and early Saturday to quickly finish my veggie  table conversion project.

After three years of service our collection of blue buckets have turned really brittle and ugly. Wouldn’t you after being baked by the sun that long? I’m sure the sight drove my dear landlady crazy and the sight was starting to get to me.

This squash was tossed into an old bucket,  the top half of which had busted off all around, leaving the jagged edge. Sometimes I’d wrap the edges in silve duct tape. So, so classy.

They were once new and fresh. You can see the rectanglar box I used in this transformation beneath the freshly planted buckets in 2008.

 I nailed on some extra boards and closed up the box I scavenged/recycled years ago, flipped it over and turned it into a planter.

It’s much neater, less distracting.

I should probably bring this streamlined sensibility to the rest of our dream studio but that will be a slow process.

The box is mostly filled with catnip which I grow organically and use in my plushy squid catnip toys.

I’ll add tomatoes. I’m hoping the seeds from the delicious black tomatoes grown in friends Kevin and David’s garden last season will come into being for us.

They are the yummiest!

Okay. The noisy distraction is done and I must turn my attention to my soft sculpture work — 4 girl portrait dolls and a rainbow curly star. So much good handy craft to keep me busy, busy, busy.

In down time, if my eyes aren’t too tired I am reading  Posthumous Keats.

Thanks, Jane Campion. Your Bright Star brought me to Keats.

A Bit of Fall

Posted in nature, travel with tags , , , on November 4, 2010 by darcyarts

Running errands, a legitimate reason to be out taking a break from stitching led to photos of early November in Redding.

Here are some photos taken on the drive out to the college this morning.

The trees are turning lovely colors — gold, red, magenta.

The clouds covered most of the sky. The sun wasn’t quite up.

It was moody and beautiful.

The photo of me was taken of a reflection in the window of American Tires, yesterday, while waiting for them to replace the right front tire I’d learned was impaled by a nail.

Cypress trees are so dramatic and a little spooky.

On the way back there was more light.

The magenta, red, orange trees line a small portion of Park Marina Drive. They are part of our morning drive.

Frank and I look forward to the change in the weather. Temperatures cool enough to coax out the color.

Yellow leaves in the right light seem to me a cosmic invitation to higher consciousness. Magenta leaves are beautiful, too.

Red Trees

Posted in Art, constructions, food, handmade with tags , , , , on October 14, 2010 by darcyarts

I’m working them. I really love seeing them.

These were inspired by the graphic design of the Powerpuff Girls. Their red trees against a black nightscape are so enchanting.

My head is full of wonderful arboreal soft sculpture.

I long to hang them on a white wall. First, I’ll have to clear one. Then I’ll do a photo shoot of the red trees as wall decor. Maybe I’ll make shrubs, too.

I must vow not to get carried away. I must also tell myself to keep it simple.

I tend to get carried away by my ideas.

The fall weather has been fantastic. cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. I’ve managed to get a lot done because the car is being repaired. I have not had to drive anywhere for two whole days. I expect that will end today.

It’s been great to be house-bound, just the work and my new Paleo-food regime. It’s a good thing I like coconuts and vegetables.

I think I had a Thai past life. Thai food always seems fresh and so very healthy. Redding’s Racha Noodle ( 2630 S. Market Street) rocks and so does their satellite shop 5 Thais which occupies the old TCBY frozen yogurt compound on Dana Drive.

Now, off to work.

Thick Clouds

Posted in etsy, finds, gardening, nature, plush critters with tags , , , , on March 29, 2010 by darcyarts

There sits a deep blanket of clouds above this morning. The wind is blowing and rumour has it rain is in our immediate future.

I will be getting to work today on my giant peace symbol pattern and cutting material though right now I am severely tempted to go check out the sweet clean dumpster where I found my rusty old tire chains last week.

There maybe something cool that I should grab before the rain comes.

I noticed when out in the yard yesterday that we have a couple of iris readying themselves for bloom.

They are planted along the wooden fence you see here. For a few weeks each spring they make a pretty purple show. There are a few yellowish flowers that sneak in. They are my favorite.

The catnip is raging already, three buckets full.

We’ll have a bumper crop for my kitty catnip squid toys over at DarcyArts.

The homegrown is far superior to the catnip at our local health food store. The last time I was forced to buy it it was full of foxtails, stems and had little aroma.

I want the kitties who receive DarcyArts toys to be pleased and ecstatic. Most cat owners rave that the kitty is on to the squiddie the minute they open the box. Ah, success! Check out these satisfied customers.