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ReDo # 99

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I must admit a fondness for change but it often stems from a practical need. In my work spaces I try different things usually to gain more space, have things more readily at hand and, yes, so that things look interesting.

I’ve redone the kitchen work space for about the fifth time. This redesign gave me the most space and the most desk top area.

Lots of light for a portion of the day. Lots of lamps when the sun is farther to the west.

Everything is within reach and I got rid of the claustrophobia-inducing dark shelf and the table set up that cut into in the middle of the small space.

I back slid and bought a little HDTV for the space. It was ridiculous to have TV in this room when the TV was as big as a safe. This little screen is nice and I can listen to and occasionally glance at my favorite HGTV and Bravo shows.

I’ll tune into MSNBC when Tamron is on, or when the President is speaking, or if there is something really important going on but I can no longer take the nattering of most weekday politi-news shows.

I’ll tell you something though, I ♥ Florida Congressman Alan Grayson!

This man speaks his mind in a ballsy straightforward and, yes, theatrical way. He’s smart and I like his intelligent no-bullshit way.

I love all the little crap I collect in my workspace, too.

This little robot lights up when you push on his head, I gave him a little red plug buddy.

Here is my yellow mushroom with spools of pink embroidery thread, an old photo booth pic of Frank and I and a decorated matchbox I did around 2004 or 2005.

Color, baby! I love it so much.

I made my first plush, beaded mini-donut from the hole cutouts from the giant donuts.

It came out nicely. I had slightly smaller tube beads to use for sprinkles.

You can see the small donut against my new storage shelf. Above it is a bag of patterns for my dolls, mushrooms and a dragon tail.

My old heavy cardboard shelf fell over earlier in the week so I grabbed up my remainder pieces of wood and cobbled together this shelf. It was made to fit in this space. It’s long and narrow and I’m glad I had just the right pieces.

I took out nearly all the materials for doll cloths. I had big plans to make a million dolls with skirts and blouses made of cute, glittery socks.

I’ll get to that if anyone buys one of my Soft Girls.

I am giddily happy and thank the beings of light every day that I have a patron for the Soft Boys. My rock n roll dreams made into goofy, embroidered 3D portraits of my favorite musicians. ♥♥♥

It’s easier to do in this new space.

Here I will create donuts and dolls. Joe Strummer with a mohawk, David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust, Robyn Hitchcock and Marc Bolan must come next!

I’d like to do other Mick and Keiths, Frida Kahlos, women artists and just plain ol’ weird cute dolls. I will.

I got an idea yesterday for some crazy little kid lamps surrounded in plush critters I want to try soon. That means a trip to the thrift stores.

I may stumble upon just the materials I’m looking for.

I was reminding myself that I need to get it together to find garage sales soon. There have been a few in my neighborhood over the last month that I have just blown off. I don’t need more junk, I tell myself, but there could be treasures I could share with my Etsy friends. Maybe this weekend I’ll go out early with a pocket of cash and hut for good finds. The latest check of Etsians selling in the north state reveals I’ll have lots of competition out there. Game on, eagle-eyed buyers. Scavenger hunts as recycling is the mode o day.

It will be hot soon so I better end this long blog post.

Frank and I want to catch Inception later today.

Season Finale

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Sunday will be the season finale of  AMC’s Breaking Bad . I have loved watching this show. The second season was full of ghastly happenings that were completely captivating. The brilliant writers and actors all deserve the fattest accolades.

WaltJesseCropBryan Cranston, Aaron Paul,  Anna Gunn (great name), yes, every actor on the show has been great.

What am I going to do when the season is over? Nothing else on TV is this good.

Any suggestions?

I urge you to treat yourself to this creation. Check out Breaking Bad at Netflix.

On the trip south last weekend I spent a great evening with my son, Brian. It was a Sunday and I was very fixated on finding a TV to watch Breaking Bad. No problem. The Max G. Arnold homestead is rich with the technology of visual/cerebral pleasure.

My son is learning law, day and night at the Arnold household. He also enjoys the perks.

Rex Arnold’s room is like a theater. No, it is a theater, equipped with a projector, a really big screen and black curtains to make the day like night. It is a cinema lover’s dream.

All the boys — Brian, Rex and Barrack — are history buffs. It was really fun to drop my hungry eye into that cinematic womb.

After we watched Breaking Bad we watched Luther. Joseph Fiennes plays Martin Luther, the father of the protestant church. The story depicts a fight for deliverance from old school Catholic domination in the 16th century in favor of a more DIY religious experience. Vanquish the hypocritical intermediary, sayeth Martin Luther.

Wonder if the sheer size of the images on that big screen can make any movie more spellbinding.

I loved hanging out with Brian even though my time there was short. I was sort of a stealth guest. Max and Margie had company and I didn’t want to intrude. Brian slept on a couch and gave me his comfortable bed.

I whimped out quickly on that trip and wanted to get back home to Frank. True Love does that.

TV While Fuzzy

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At the end of a really long day of plushie wrangling, after tending to last minute details at the DarcyArts shop, Amazon sales, e-mail, convos and the preparation of an evening repast, it’s time for TV. By 6 p.m. my eyes are toast and my mind has tossed it’s thinking cap.

There are TV shows I have to see.

I’m way into Big LoveLA Ink and 30 Rock. All three have finished their runs for this season.

Breaking Bad is the only show I can watch twice. I view the same show a second time with riveted concentration. The new episodes air on Sunday. I can hardly wait.

I’m fond of documentaries, musicals. Frank is getting way into Turner Classic Movies. Together we regularly devour, Rachel Maddow, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report. If it wasn’t for DVR I’d rarely see any of these shows. We fit them in when we have shared time to view.

Still, I’m hungry for new thrills.

There is a new tattoo show starts May 27,on A&E.

Tattoo Highway follows artist Thomas Pendelton as he travels the country in a mobile tattoo parlor of his own design,” sez a blurb on the A&E site.

I caught the ad for it yesterday. Pendleton tours the U.S. in an RV giving tats for gas (his license plate). I don’t know why they made Pendelton look so bad-ass macho. His tats are sort of scary, with lots on the neck, but the camera shot of him, up from the worm’s eye view, is sorta overkill.

I noticed the show will be preceeded by half a dozen Dog, the Bounty Hunter episodes. Think they are going for an all male audience?

Looking elsewhere, Dave Bianculli’s  bloggy mag TV Worth Watching reminded me that I am determined to see at least some of the fifth season of Denis Leary’s relentlessly foul Rescue Me.

I became a Leary fan in the early 90’s. He was a fresh face on the fresh cable channel Comedy Central. I was watching comedy to correct an over-serious series of commitments — matrimonial and academic.

Leary was the most rock n roll of the comics. His shaggy rockish hair and his bad boy attitude caught my eye.  His humor hadn’t yet been shown as fully infantile, all cigarettes and misogyny. It was before the public en masse discovered him. Ot maybe I just didn’t notice while I was grooving on his lanky, Gaelic charm.


But I digress. I watched the first two seasons of Rescue Me and then succumbed to it’s heaping helping of negative masculine idiocy. It left a bad taste in my mind so I quit it. I know, I know. Leary is trying to show the negative outcome of masculine idiocy but I just have such a low tolerance for it as entertainment. It’s why I can’t watch Madmen even with the sweet Christina Hendricks as enticement.


I  must return to Rescue Me to delight in Michael J. Fox’s performance of the wheelchair-bound, substance abusing, paraplegic live-in lover of Tommy’s (Leary) ex-wife. Yeah, that’s a downer but one laced liberally with deeper layers of meaning for the viewer.

I saw a short clip when Fox was on Oprah and was stunned. Yes! Fox has a fire in his belly.

*TV Worth Watching

Check out Diane Holloway’s piece for TV Worth Watching on Fox’s rad turn as Dwight. It’s a ways down the page at the previous link.

*indicates photo source