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LA Ink, Ruthless?

Posted in socialization, TV with tags , , , on September 2, 2010 by darcyarts

As discussed in this recent post I’m into the new season of LA Ink. I was foolishly hoping that the drama between Cory Miller and Kat von D would smooth out but I guess the powers that be thought ” what’s reality TV without a train wreck?”

Kat was embarrassed, the help was bummed, Cory was working off his wounded pride.

It looks like the real tacky drama will transfer to American Electric where the amazingly eccentric Craig will probably not let it get too out of hand but DUDE!!!! WTF is up with Ruthless. I think assuming she is a victim of some sort of childhood abuse is a safe bet. Well adjusted, loved people do not usually threaten to beat their coworkers head on the curb.

could Ruthless just be acting out her wanna be outlaw presumptions about the tattooing world? Is she a tweeker with a really low threshold for the sound of the human voice?

I like Amy. She is styling big and doing pretty good work. She seems like a person who is fairly calm and has a sense of fairplay. Ruthless seems to be under the impression that we here on planet earth are meant to eat or be eaten. I really thought we moved beyond that one after the saber tooth tigers roamed the land.

If you are truly in love with what you do and are able to focus on and commit to your work you do not need to throw down and engaged in shit-talking ‘tard* fights over imagined “territory.”

Reality TV, I hate you. You folks out there willing to “act” as if we are still drooling and walking on our knuckles, grow up! Bleep all the tacky bridezilla, the hater housewives of  backwardville.

Oh, Mike Judge, how deeply you hit the nerve with your Idiocracy. I am still trembling.

TRASH TV. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE WOMEN that fall for this trope???  Don’t do it. You are setting us back hundreds of years.

Amy, dear, just ignore Ruthless. Dont’ hang back with the beasts. Let her flounder in her own vitriolic stew. Maybe she’ll spontaneously combust.

*by “tard” I do NOT mean people  with any sort of brain anomaly. If you have known anyone  intellectually or genetically challenged you know that they are very special teachers fully in possession of great, shining spirits unlike the creeps who want to act like dumbasses just to annoy others. You know who you are, dumbass. Just STOP.