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West of the River

Posted in finds, nature with tags , , , on April 8, 2010 by darcyarts

Dropped the car off this morning to be repaired then walked through the Garden District.

The South Street Canal, northside.

The early start gave me great light for photos.

Everything looked so beautiful and bright in the morning sun.

Ducks were digging there morning water cruise.

I was happy to walk up through the area to the health clinic where I had to check in for a blood test. I am hoping my morning fake bike rides have somehow managed to lower my blood pressure a little bit and lessen my blood sugar. I’m doing okay but the seven years of sitting in a chair at the news factory and getting little exercise moved me closer to “not good.”

Dogwood? I still haven’t increased my botanical knowledge.

This is a really lovely shade of pink. I really like this house, too.

It has a little story book flavor. Is there an architectural term for those houses with the little turrets? OMG, I have to go to design school I sound like a complete ninny. You can’t see any details of the house in this photo. I didn’t want to alarm the occupants by full out snapping pix of their cute house.

Provincial Revivalism, there, I learned.  Does Wiki know what they are talking about?

When I put the term Provincial Revivalism into Google Image the homes look very different.

Found this cool blog Borta I Tiden while looking.

Back to the walk.

Is this a Japanese maple?

The red orange against the blue sky is dreamy.

The wisteria at the clinic was draped so nicely over the pale green wooden awning.

Spring is doing a fabulous job so far.

Next stop, downtown post office.

This was my favorite thing walking away. Library Park Palms with pink blossoms below.


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Most of the art work, and especially the portraits I have created come from a sweet festering obsession.

I write here today because while browsing through the treasuries at etsy I stumbled upon a gal who has put her obsessive tendencies to work and come up with a really impressive gift to mankind.


Miss Pin Productions is a Rhode Island team. The female among them has been making Ramones dolls for 25 years out of sculpey clay. Too cool. She has a very big selection and has honed her craft to the point that she can capture the features of Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Tommy with minimal facial formation. I bow to her tenacity. Joey is my favorite. I love Taurus folks.

Another nod this day has to go to etsian nouveaumotley of Oakland. Among her finely crafted treasures, which include very nice “quote” badges and unique neck charms and images, she makes the most wonderful solid scents, with vegan-friendly ingredients and natural scent-bases, and then sends them to you in a beatiful hand-decorated little tin with a screw on lid. You get a half an ounce of smooth sweet solid oil that will last you a very long time.

I have just purchased my second little tin. The first was ambergris, a scent I had been searching for for a very long time. The new one is oak moss, a scent i only fanticized about having as a perfume. Ever smell oak moss? It grows on the many oak trees that grow here in Redding, CA. It really is enchanting. Fresh from nature, babies.

If, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, enthusiasm is the engine of success, then I must say that the best thing about etsy is the possibility that you will find something very unique and right up your alley. Anything I promote is done with the most sincere admiration for the creator.

There are alot of imaginative, good-energy folks selling their wares on etsy. Etsy appeals to our longing for that village sensibility, nostalgia for the mud, one might say.

Yes, sometimes it feels that there are hoards of people trying to make a buck, but most of those I’ve checked in on are creating out of a deep desire to make something useful, beautiful, amusing or challenging. or better yet a combination of all those ingredients.

I get a little testy when there is an overload of pretty and “appropriate” stuff drifting through on the Buy Scroll but I understand that it is a free country and capitalism demands that product be provided for everyone with a fist full of dollars (that don’t go in your gas tank).

MANIFESTO = Let’s walk more, ride bikes and grow our own veggies so we can spend more money on the fine, charming and surprising work of etsians!! Never, ever go to the fricking mall. Wear any kind of neck charm you desire.

Shake it up and buy yourself a meat tray from the gloriously cantankerous Hellray77 from Boone, North Carolina.









MUSHROOMS = Lastly for this rant, my Bitty Pix Boy with Mushrooms got put into a treasury assembled by artgoodies.

 How would you describe the look on his face? What is he thinking?

I have a new hand sewn work that is ‘shroomerific.

I liked making it so much I’m going to make others.

You can’t stop me.


This puffy mushroom is almost six inches tall and I stuck a weight into the base so it stays upright. It is decor or you can use it as a pin cushion.

Disclaimer = Amanita Muscaria is poison, people. Spare your liver. They are only food for gnomes.