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Fooling Around

Posted in dreams, esoterica with tags , , , on September 28, 2009 by darcyarts

After consulting a good book on Yods, an astrological aspect in my chart that is due to be bothered anew Oct. 30th, I have decided to chill the fuck out.

More music in my life, more rest and meditation and more fooling around.

SecretAgentShadowHere is a bit of photographic fun I had this morning. This is my secret agent shadow shot.

I’m working through the shadow realms of my being. Prescriptions for those of us with yods say:

Let it be, believe and let the magic happen.

I am a pusher, a digger, an engineer. I want to make it happen. I have to give up the steering wheel for a while and let it roll.

FlowersDriedCropIt may be time to reread a memoir by a deeply respected yod buddy, Carl Jung.

Memories, Dreams Reflections

Jung was a master at letting his inner workings unfold, a master at self-interpretation, self-realization, a master of trusting himself to gracefully conduct all the elements.

MirrorsSlimI need to catch the light. Open up and let those really subtle hints sink in.

I need to abandon the gerbil wheel for a while, even more than I have done by changing my career (such as it was) so brutally.

I need to play my guitars, enjoy the cool weather and trust.