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Apple Architecture

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Interiors of my apple.

Lots of Scents

Posted in esoterica, nature with tags , , , on April 20, 2009 by darcyarts

For those of you who were around in the 70s do you remember Houbigant’s animal, organic, earthy perfumes – musk, civet and ambergris? If you’d ever had the pleasure you would remember.

The early seventies were all about getting back to the country. Loving the earth and its bounty. There was, like now, a return to simplicity and hand crafts.

My boyfriend at the time loved the scent that “smelled like an old barn.”

I think that was the civet.

Many women, or men who loved those scents have longed for their return. Houbigant only makes the musk these days.

I read somewhere that someone sold a container of the ambergris on Ebay for $200.

Civet comes from an animal and ambergris from whales. Peta people might tweek o the idea. I’m pretty sure all the oils that perfumers use these days to recreate those scents are animal-free substitutes.

Small amounts of pure ambergris wash up on beaches.

While searching on the web for a trace of ambergris and civet I came across a message board where I found others doing the same thing.

That’s where I found out about Dusty Rose Perfumery. It’s a cool looking shop in Eugene, Oregon.

Dusty Rose sells a version of ambergris and civet. I was there, baby.

Browsing through the list of scents was fun. Proprietor, Donna Murray, and her crew are creating new combinations of scents all the time. Reading the names is half the fun – Django, Merlin, Magical Mystery Tour, Orris, Gypsy, Full Moon, Artemis, Rogue.

The really great thing is that Dusty Rose offers sample tubes of their scents for $1 each.

I’ve always preferred oils to spray on scents. Even though I have found scents I love in sprays, they are just not good for me.

I had a love affair with A vanilla based MAC scent a few years back. I ran out and never bought more. I thought about it but just never plopped down my 28 bucks for a new bottle.

I’m not a mall person but while on an assignment a few months back I strolled through Macy’s and sprayed a little of the Vanilla MAC on myself. Shortly there after I began sneezing and continued to do so for the rest  of the day.

I  now await the arrival of 25 of Dusty Rose’s tiny scent samples. I’ll try them all and when I find my favorites I’ll order a larger bottle of the scent. This is the way to go.