Though it may snow before the spring has really sprung I think we are looking good. There has been wind and rain but that is March, Eh? I’m itching to grow something but I won’t rush it.

The catnip is roaring back. Herbs, the more aromatic the better, sound just right for this season. Tomatoes and also flowers for  butterflys and hummingbirds. Fuschias? Any good ideas, anyone?

Chuck b. over at My Back 40, is growing cherries on trees breed to need less chill. He’s in the Bay area. I need some. Too bad trees take forever to make their sweet fruit.

The rain is still falling and the buds are still popping here in the far North of California. Little violets pop up everywhere. The Iris are growing. Little plants stuck here and there in the thin dirt strip along the walkway to the house are growing. The aloe vera is happy. A desert plant I rescued from the R.S. three years ago is flourishing.  What pleasure to see happy vegetation.

We watched a big batch of Academy Award nominated films last week when Frank was on vacation. I did not care much for My Week with Marilyn. The casting was very weird. Didn’t like Kenneth Branagh as Olivier or Julia Ormond as Vivian Leigh. The story was boring. My big complaint, as always, is the near impossibility of one person being able to radiate the spirit of another. It wasn’t happening with Michelle Williams though I’m sure she did her best.

The Descendants and the Beginners were very nice to watch. Not super mind-blowing but really people, The Artist? Ah, well. Next year.

Haven’t had much energy to do any design related things in the house but did manage this week to add a little more Azteca to the bathroom and why the bleep not? 





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