LA Ink?

I’ve spent the whole fourth season, so far, wondering what happened to LA Ink.

I am a big, big fan of watching artists do what they do, or shall I say watching a cinematic approximation of what they do.

Documentaries first and I’m all in favor of reality TV that is NOT about tacky, bitchy drama between strangers forced to compete with one another.

Unfortunately, what LA Ink has become is the cheapest of set up melodramas. How did this happen? Who is pulling the strings? What new TV executive need to be fired for slaughtering their pet pig?

As an artist, LA Ink was very entertaining and I miss it.

The stories behind the individual tattoos are still good. It’s always interesting to hear a personal tale. Watching the women work their tattoo arts was inspiring. But now Hannah Atchison and Kim Saigh are gone.

Kat Von D’s outrageous rocker fashion sense and self-presentation as art still amuses. Her boots are great. She can wear more makeup than any child alive. I marvel at how she still has her sight after all the glitter eye shadow she’s worn. Don’t get me wrong I think you all know I love glitter! I am a glitter queen. I can wear only the smallest amount of glitter eyeliner, and I do, but it must be far from my actual eyeballs or it fall right in, or I rub it in accidentally.

I consider Kat a true artist. She’s a Pisces and made for the job. I understand that even though she is “the Boss” she is watery and isn’t always able to run the tightest of ships when that ship veers off course. But how did it get this far?

Even the talented Cory Miller, Kat’s “rock,” has lost his patience with life in the shop.  or that is what we are being shown. His formerly admirable ability to flow with the feminine psyches around him seems to have vanished with the arrival of Aubry.

Who is Aubry and how did she become part of the gang?

It seems she was chosen to fill the role of the hapless,  immature, central-casting fuck-up wanna be.

I do not believe the story presented to viewers early in the season that Kat’s well meaning brother hired Aubry in Kat’s absence because the shop so desperately needed help.

I know Kat is busy and distracted dealing with a very full plate — fame, romance, multiple artistic and commercial opportunities. She’s very busy building the Kat von D empire, but isn’t she capable of hiring the people she wants and needs and why would she allow herself to be portrayed as incapable when she really means to take control?

I’ve tried to imagine scenarios for how the wheels came off the LA Ink train. The absence of Atchison and Saigh has left a big hole. I loved LA Ink’s women, Pixie, too.

Is it fair to assume that she was another victim of confused managment skills?

Kat and Cory seem to need familiar temperaments in the house. It was a tight knit group, yes, with some problems, but it worked for a while. Kat seems to hire friends and acquaintances. People she assumes she can trust. Why did she not hire more top caliber artists to fill the gap.  I assume the shop and the TV show that has stoked it’s success are priorities for her.

Anyone who has checked out High Voltage Tattoo online can see that there are many people working at the shop. There are eleven artists listed including Kat. One is a Brazilian guest artist, Camila Rocha. She is the only other female.

Did all these artists decline an invitation to work on camera thereby forcing the show to invent drama with outsiders? Is this whole Aubry, Amy, Paulie, thing a self-protective thing for the artists at High Voltage, including Kat and Cory?

Like, “Let the reality TV girl take all the heat this season so we can work.”

Did the ratings require this huge manipulation? Aren’t there enough of us who really dig the art and want to see tattoo artists do their thing to satisfy the advertisers?

I feel ripped off and I want to know who is responsible for that sour feeling.

Anybody have  any ideas?

39 Responses to “LA Ink?”

  1. I am very dissappointed with this season of LA Ink. Corey was a really nice guy in appearance when the show started and now he is a real anal person. Kat Von D is not taking care of her business and what is with the filming of the other shop Paulie is talented and should have been kept on or never hired. That was such a bad decision to hire him and not give him any work and then to tell him that it was because of Aubry and to make excuses that were not even valid when he did quit. I would have quit myself. This show was great before and now I am just amazed at the low quality of it now with the negative comments and people acting like total idiots. Aubry should have never been hired, blame that on Kat Von D’ s brother who does not know how to interview and hire someone so why did he get that responsibility. I would love to hear what happened to her other female employee’s and where did they go? So to sum it up Kat is apparently too busy to manage her shop or not looking ahead by placing people in positions that they are not qualified to be in. I have been the victim of this same kind of let me say bullshit because when you have nepotism combined with irresponsible unqualified managers from the top to the very bottom no one has a fair chance to survive in that enviroment. It is very rude and Kat has done her best with damage control but the show has suffered and become very much less than what it was meant to be, that is my opinion. I was a fan of the show because it showcased very talented people doing their art and the stories behind the people who were getting the art which was most important and I believe that is not being focused on at this time. Maybe Kat Von D can become the same as Miami Ink CANCELLED !!!!!

  2. Thanks, Robert It’s a sad affair for sure.

  3. This huge flop should down in flames!!! Kat has totally lost her mind, the show used to be about great artist, but is now all about Ms D. Give me a break!!!!

  4. The whole show sucks now. I was totally into the art from the previous seasons and now it’s just a reality show with stupid drama. I believe the whole thing is being manipulated by the producers and that the other tattoo artist from the shop either didn’t want to get involved or the producers didn’t find them interesting. And Aubrey is their solution in making the show “more interesting”, then just the tattooing. Kim Saigh posted on the internet that she and Hannah were fired by the producers because they were not interesting enough. So if the producers have that much pull, what influence does Kat really have on the show?

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for mirroring my own thoughts. I think that the producers insult the viewers intelligence when they expect us to believe all the Aubry, Pauly drama. I miss the concept of real women tatoo artists. I used to enjoy Corey too but feel like he’s really begun to be as petty as Aubry.

  6. One more thing—how long can they drag out this Aubry storyline??? I can’t believe that they’ve milked it for an entire season! Please put us all out of our pain and develop a more authentic storyline!

  7. Exactly, Beth. Thanks for commenting on this sad season.

  8. why does anyone find that aubrey bitch at all interesting. she’s an friggin idiot. and killed the show. Kat should make them kick her off – she’s boring as shit

  9. customcruiserroy Says:

    My wife and I feel the same! We watched the show at the beginning because of the art and stories. Now,it’s just a melodramatic bitch-fest! Corey is the biggest whiner of them all. Kat is the center of the world yet you see her do tats only once in a blue. The english guy is a primadonna gay man acting straight. Aubry was never really given a chance we feel but then again, who cares.

    We were actually hoping that Paulie and Amy at Craig’s place would be the new show because LA Ink sucks air now. We liked Miami Ink but we know that sex sells shows so here came Kat. She was cute but now annoying overshadows any semblance of that. I hope the producers read this stuff.

    Take care!

  10. Custoncruiserroy — They ended the season in such a cliff hanger fashion and made it look as if Cory was leaving, too. I have no doubt they will give us another season of big ego destruction derby.
    Maybe they wanted to spin off the smaller time tattoo setting with Paulie and Amy to change it up. I think Paulie is very talented. Between Paulie, Amy any eccentric Craig, shop owner, they could have something interesting.
    Is it too much to ask to have both shows taking their own paths?
    That would be cool.
    Maybe they want to catch a Kat von D meltdown next season.
    Hey, Cory has his own shop. Why not concentrate on his place?
    Kim Saigh is still in L.A. too.

  11. Miami ink is a great serie, I really love kate she is so cool. I hope they will continue it forever:-).

  12. andrea lslava Says:

    I think Corey needs to grow a pair and stop whining and bitching about Aubrey. If he hates her that much why does he always bring her up? It’s really pathetic how a grown ass man has to start the drama and bitch all the time. Get that stick out of your ass Corey! And now they are all ganging up on the new girl after they fired Aubrey. This show is sad! What gives them the right to treat others like crap? It’s disgusting !

  13. […] Eric commented on this very thing last October. Right on, Eric. […]

  14. Hello all, this show is nothing but scripted. Kat didn’t hire the new girl liz. She auditioned like anyother televison star. So much this being reality TV. “Her impressive audition for producers landed her the role in LA Ink after just one meeting. Afterwards she told her parents “I nailed it!”

  15. Wow. I feel so ripped off. Thanks for the info Kacey. Keep it coming.

  16. Kacey is right
    DRAMATIC “CHARACTERS” – AUBREY AND LIZ If you read this article on page 2, you will see that Aubrey and Liz were dramatic plants to dramatize the show more and Kat isn’t happy about it at all. In one sense I was relieved because I thought maybe Kat’s business sense was severely lacking by hiring these idiotic girls and allowing them to work for as long as they have…. I was seriously losing respect for Kat for not firing the obvious idiotic and devious bitchy girls, so that question was solved, but TLC big wigs are going to ruin the show if they keep trying to turn it into set up drama and introduce “characters” everyone hates just for ratings. It’s not THE FRICKING HILLS! I want to see the damn tattoos and the incredible artwork and hear their stories. What the show was about in the first place before the unnecessary distractions of people that have no right being in that tattoo shop. There are a million people who are interesting that could do that job without the drama and it would still keep viewers. Dammit!

  17. Thanks for the link Chew and I will be filling it out.

    I HATE what the show has become. I love tattoos and love the story and art behind them. But this is just one campy carnival ride that I don’t want to be a part of.

    Its fake and I can barely watch it.

  18. I hope you all enjoy this. I know Aubry. She used to strut around Venice with her fake plastic everything and think she was just the shit out of an angels ass. Now, residing in Hollywood and causing agony to the viewers of a show that used to be about a sacred artform, she continually graces the screen with her soap opera looks and attitude. Producers wanted more drama and they got way more than they paid for. She ruined the show, hands down. She also made Kat look like an idiot when we all know that alot of serious artists become very vulnerable when they expose themselves and they are better at doing their art and having intelligent, sensitive people around them, not people like Aubry who really have no heart or soul. I hope Kat takes her shop off of the air and gets back to the heart of what she loves so much. Besides, tattoo magazines are cool.

  19. I am currently watching the latest series of LA Ink in Britain. Ok, Aubry really doesn’t help herself but I think the way she has been treated in tantamount to bullying. I really do not think that she has been given much of a chance…the other employees are rude and extremely sarcastic towards her. I think it was absolutely disgusting that Kat told her she could no longer be friends with Paulie etc if she wanted to continue working in the shop. What right has Kat Von D to tell anyone who they can or cannot be friends with. I used to have a lot of respect for Kat and that is quickly decreasing which is such a shame cos I thought she was a really good role model.

    • Please cancel this awful soap opera. Kat is so lost. Does she still do tattoos?That guy Dan is a complete joke. Fuck L.A. Ink. Posers. No more cameras in shops. Only wallmart people get tattoos in places like low voltage. Turning fags into fonzies. Lame. If people need these meaningful tattoos that are related to personal and private experiences, then they should keep it personal and get it done in private. How about Fresno Ink?

  20. DishIsADork Says:

    I say to Dish

    What the HELL does turn fags into fonzies even mean? Is it something that just fell out of your mouth when you opened it to take another hit off your crack pipe?

    Wal Mart people would be a step up for you


  21. If Cory Miller doesn’t come back I will probley not watch any more. Kat has done him so wrong. I have watched LA Ink since it came on But It may be over now if Cory doesn’t come bk

  22. We must hang in there, Jan. Corey’s not going anywhere except maybe to his shop. That would be cool to see how he operates without all the Kat drama.

  23. Unfortunately, Corey Miller has now left LA Ink. He is no longer featured as an artist on the the High Voltage website, and his face has been painted over on the mural at the back of the shop. He is focusing all of his attention now on his own shop (Six Feet Under), and his family.

    I suppose that’s the best thing for him, really, as he seemed increasingly unhappy on the show, but it’s a shame. He was the only reason I kept watching.

  24. Sophie — I am sad to hear it for my own selfish reasons and happy Corey moved on. He probably waited too long but it’s probably great to build a wider rep with a visual medium like TV.
    If Kat really respected him or cared, even, she would have told him to go do his thing with her blessing, encouraged him to develop his art and thanked him for giving so much of himself.

  25. I am so disgusted with tonight’s episode!!!! Corey gave so much of himself to Kat’s shop…..Hell he let her do tatts in his shop when her shop wasn’t finished!!!!! Really Kat…He kept the place together….Then the ruthless chick, realllllllllllllllllyyyyy what a joke….I like Amy (sp? before you jump me for misspelling her name, I think it is spelled different but it’s not coming to me) Why does she have to be so rude to Amy….Ruthless I am sure has watched the show and knows who Amy is, I am sure its for the ratings. I read where Ruthless waited 4 months for the call from the producers to bring her on the show, so I am very sure she researched the show…and knew that Amy was there…I also love Paulie and I do believe Kat did NOT give him a fair shake and then when he wanted to speak to them like adults, they ALL treated him like crap….Aubry and Liz.. sure caused all the drama and the disrespect should have all been directed toward her, I mean she hired Paulie, and he got fired….Liz gave Corey time off and that got him into hot water…They both (Liz and Aubry) bore the title “manager” and the last I checked the manager is in charge of simple things like the schedule and what not…..the word manager at LA Ink means nothing but to take out the trash and to be a punching bag..I won’t even dignify a good word toward Liz…Aubry was drama and Liz was just cruel and evil… I have not decided if I will continue watching, because it has become a soap opera and I quit watching those with my grandmother like 20 years ago….Craig made the right move to grab Corey…..Kat you think you can do fine without Corey….and you talk about friends being everything in your past episodes…and then you drop people once you have squeezed everything out of them, for your fame and glory…I think your fame will stop going uphill….Don’t even get me going on Jesse James….you have just shown how low you can really go….ugggghhh sorry I am just so frustrated with her management skills and business skills, or lack thereof..Maybe its all for the camera but its sure making her look stupid….Good Luck Corey, Amy and Paulie…You guys rock….

  26. Kat is to stuck on herself if it wasn’t for Corey she would not have made it in LA. She could not make on Miami Ink to much ego. Get over yourself Kat.

  27. Corey is the reason High Voltage is still there. I hope Kat’s place now fails. Replacing corey with her brother and rooftop….. please, I wont watch another show if it continues like this.

  28. The series of LA ink has gone from good to bad to down rite stupid, the characters as i now refer to them (they were artists) have all become a pathetic bunch of mindless drama hugging wastes of space.
    I mean they got rid of hanna and kim which was bad for the show but a good move on their part (get out before the ship goes down) and replaced them with fools. Corey was the only other good artist in the place but he has now become a analy retentive moody bastard. Kat has suddenly become this STAR and i can’t for the life of me see why!! She got where she is because of the industry how does that make you a star? Since when does being good at something make you a STAR!
    She and the producers need to remember the show is about TATTOOING and should stay that way, now its a sad pathetic drama which to me seems scripted, i refer to it as big brother with a script. I watched the show the other night and in an hr’s worth of viewing they had 3 and a half mins of tattooing, i mean COME ON, they are employing ppl who have no FU*KING clue of whats going on simply to be contravercial and im sorry but thats what big brother did and it dind’nt work for them either. The other god damn shop with Amy and Paulie is a waste of time, where did they find that Australian WAN*ER? he chats to the customers but you never see him tattoo, only ever hands why is that i wonder… could it be that hes an actor and knows nothing, and a bad actor at that he talks like hes got cue cards.

    End the series pls, stop the maddness or at least make it about tattooing! i dnt give a SHIT about they tattoo family, i wanna see the work and hear the stories and thats it.

  29. I think Craig is British, Jay, and he’s a pretty good artist. At least his eccentricity is engaginf and amusing.
    Corey is over at American Electric this season.
    Rooftop is an immature jerk. I predict in the future the show will morph into a lame cock fight with dozens of low IQ dudes battling it out to hand with Kat. She will tie them up outside, give out a husky giggle and subject them to hours of confessing her doubts about the 47 simultaneaous project deadlines she faces.

  30. Just for the record, Corey doesn’t work at American Electric, he has returned to work full time at his own shop, Six Feet Under.

  31. I have watched LA Ink from the start and admired Kat’s skills as a tattoo artist since she first appeared in Miami Ink.

    Pixie, Kim and Hannah were great assets while they were there and huge losses to LA Ink when they left. They were talented and “real” and the show came across as being a sponaneous “fly on the wall” look at authentic Artists.

    Whoever had the idea to introduce contrived “drama” into what was a great show already laced with all the human stories of why people got their tattoos ought to have been fired from the production team! Aubry was never believeable and as for the “tolerance” of Kat and the rest of the crew, please, I don’t buy it! The ghasty and artificial Aubry’s arrogant replacement, Liz is even more unlikely! How can anyone with such a bad attitdue and “know it ll” stance when she clearly knows nothing last half a day ! I just will not believe she is anything other than a badly placed “dramatic device”.

    Why not just concentrate ~ as in the beginning ~ on the fantastic talent of the artists and the stories of the clients, some of which are real heart jerkers!

    Watching this season is like watching the cast suck lemons and is worse than waiting to have teeth pulled! No wonder Corey wanted to retreat to “Six Feet Under”!

    If the show continues to deteriorate, that is literally where IT’S heading!

    ~Cat H

  32. why the hell is this ROOF TOP character on the show, he sucks–get rid of him

  33. I serious think this Ruthless chick is sooooo annoying! Her voice makes me sick! I want her out or I will boycott this show!

  34. Just for the record, and so you don’t drag Australia down with the rest of the show, Craig is british and Dan is from New Zealand.

  35. Thank you, Bronners. Nice to have a little clarification.

  36. dawn thomas Says:

    FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME! I loved the show at first too, now all it shows is the lives of all dumb chodes she fired. Who cares about Aubrey? She was stupid and everybody knows it, the other girl with too much makeup was ridiculous too. Why does the camera keep following these people around? Pauly was a dumbass. It seems the show is scripted – there are all these DRAMATIC PAUSES. It’s almost like they are deliberately setting up all this drama for ratings. I couldn’t continue watching it, it was too boring. Now that Corey is gone, who I loved, I can’t even watch it because I have to watch Aubrey and the other girl. I have complained to TLC, but they don’t care. EVERYBODY STOP WATCHING THE SHOW. It’s no longer about Kat and her talent, it’s all about ratings. Plus, she has got to be a head-case herself to put up with all this stuff when it’s her shop? Do they expect us to believe she is oblivious to what’s being said and done? The show sucks….let her marry Jesse James, they deserve eachother….

  37. I agree. I used to love Kat and the show. Def wont be watching or supporting anymore, the red flag shouldve gone up when she agreed to let hannah and kim go, both WILDLY talented and positive ladies. Kats “humble” facade has slipped away hasn’t it? I think Jesse James is perfect for her, they belong together. Two deluded, entitled douchebags lol Feel sorry for her dad tho..

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