Full Body Mick

He’s done. He’s oddly lanky. It’s that freakishly long  torso.

I love The Rolling Stone’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus but dread the Stones performance a bit for Brian looking so swollen, dazed and sausage-like but most especially for being exposed to Mick’s weird torso.

I’m stilted, cringing, as Sympathy for the Devil goes on knowing Mick will soon remove his shirt. No, Mick, no.

Please allow me to introduce myself . . .

Okay, but don’t remove your clothing.

I have spells of making fun of Mick but as my daughter, Jessica, reminds me that, despite my ragging,  I really love Mick.

She’s right. You gotta love Mick. He’s an integral part of the rock package. He’s practically an archetype.

Speaking of too long, have you seen Mick’s new girlfriend, L’wren Scott? She’s 6′ 3″, dark and skinny.

Here is a really nice Stones-related site with good pix of the Jagger/Richards/Watts women and offspring. Lizzie Jagger is gorgeous. Good work dear, Jerry.

Can I just say that I love making The Soft Boys? I’ve got Iggy and Ziggy era David Bowie coming up next. I want to do Patti Smith and Georgia O’Keeffe, Yayoi Kusama and more Fridas.

I may get to Dee Dee Ramone and dang, Robyn Hitchcock must come soon! He’s the inventor of the Soft Boy name. ♥

Today — Donuts! I have to complete the third “Big” donut to ship to Pittsburg ASAP.

I love making donuts, too. I’m going to make plenty to stock up for the upcoming holiday season. Dolls and Donuts are my passion. 🙂


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