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Good Luck Rain

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Good Day, all. The rain continues to fall here in Northern California. It could well be in the high 90s by now so we’re digging the rolling thunder.

I am taking a few minutes here on the blog to share the good news of a rock musician Soft Boy who went all the way!

I must share this picture first. The squirrels have breached the bird dish!!!!!

I should have never, ever, put peanuts in there.

My most recent project, which I was not at liberty to reveal was intended as a gift for beloved New Jersey rocker, Pat DiNizio. Pat has been making great music with his buds in The Smithereens since the 80s. Lately one of his true-musician enterprises has been in home concerts! DiNizio makes house calls.

I was lucky enough to see the Smithereens when they played The Backstage in Seattle. I worked there at the time and they rocked the house! Great energy and really friendly, good guys.

My most faithful patron, JK, took this picture of Pat D. with his newly arrived little Soft Boy Pat DiNizio.

It was Pat’s icon on Facebook over the weekend.This doll was one of those projects that just flowed so smoothly.

All the bumps were external. On the last day, in which I nail down all the little details, I was running short on time (kids, do not procrastinate, even a little). This last-minute work was done with gardeners’ lawn mowers, and gas-powered leaf blowers howling outside my workspace windows. The noise and the exhaust fumes made my head swim but I kept my eyes on the prize. Post office by 5:15 pm or bust!!

Everything went off without a hitch. Blessings were bestowed. The little rocker kept good time.

Dreams Say Obstreperous

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In dreams last night I walked through a very simple place where the only element in the natural environment seemed to be orange sand. It was spare and creepy. There were motels and little diners as if the place was a tourist destination but why anyone would go there voluntarily was beyond my understanding.

I seemed to be walking through this bland place with my daughter. It felt like we had come upon it accidentally and we were anxious to get the hell out of there.

After sitting in a restaurant for a while the owner /manager of the place came over and handed me a paper that informed me that I had to write a 67- page paper as punishment for being obstreperous.

I may have committed some trespass of the rules of this odd place but I was in no way loud or engaged in any in any turbulent activity. I did not react while in the presence of the stereotypical shopkeeper — a skinny, tallish older dude draped in an apron, with a slicked back hair do. I was, however, very irritated by this turn of events.

I imagined sending in some triple-spaced drivel. Later, I decided I would defy the order.

Here I am at the keyboard with arms and hands aching from a long spell (six months) of doll orders. I told myself I would rest up at enjoy the lazy way of life. I confess, it is unknown to me. Time ticks and I want to keep moving before it kicks my ass.

My latest doll project came out very well but I cannot show it to you because it is a surprise for a very special and talented musician. ♥

I’ll blog it when it has been given to the intended recipient.

I am now intent on getting my teeth into three projects I’ve been moved to do. The post Victorian naughty ladies ala Egon Schiele, Mayan kings and beatnik gnomes are what I want to bring into fruition. I want these things in the DarcyArts shop for the holiday season.

I need to prep some Pink Sprinkle Donuts and Curly Stars, too.

It sure is a thrill to be busy working all year long! Ecstasy.

Thank you DarcyArts fans!

Dylan, Oprah, Pixar

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Okay. Oprah’s shindig grossed me out for its orgy of everyone’s shameless self promotion. Madonna just had to let you know that she’s building a school in Malawi. Madge will not be out humanitarianed! Tom Cruise was all over Oprah like they were slumber party buddies. Eww! How could these ego maniacs resist? How many people will be watching these last two goodbye shows. Beyonce kicked A$$. Bumping and grinding to raise feminine consciousness. She was very fierce, really.

It’s Bob Dylan’s birthday  — the big 70. Bet Bob is a bit creaky but I think he was always that way though he does look angelic in those Woodstock photos surrounded by Sara and his sweet little babies.

And me, I’m putting the finishing stitches into my latest doll project and finishing a big plush pink donut.

Last night I was thrilled to find an order for a donut to be sent to Pixar Animation Studios! Yes — people who appreciate the cartoony dream world I try to inhabit. It makes me feel happy!

I love this work but my hands and arms need a vacation. A good night’s sleep will fix everything.

Prayers for healing from the violent chaos that is the weather these day, for healing the mean ignorance of those who think they know all the answers and prayers for more love and light.

Everybody I love you.


Mexican Cinema Poster

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I am nothing if not inconsistant. Even if i try to get into a steady groove I cannot purposely repeat the same activities or adopt a routine.

So here is my Mexican Cinema Wednesday offering (something, in my mind, I started on Facebook last week)  two days late.

These artists are spectacular!

Here is a previous post with mucho mas.

Why I Hate the Mall

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The decision to walk through the Mount Shasta Mall and take photos of amusing/repulsive corporate displays seemed a good one. Better than waiting in the very smelly waiting room of the tire store while they replaces worn tires on the family vehicle.

An impromptu art blog project seemed just the thing to fill the hour. I never go the mall to shop or to see the latest fashion trends. I still remember quality cotton items, well made. Even as a teenager I used to buy things from the Army Navy store because everything else seemed a cheap and tacky manipulation. Plain old super soft cotton army pants have always been my favorite item. Basic Navy work bells — 100 percent cotton denim were heavenly to me. Lame synthetic shifts, dorky coo-lots, no thank you Penny’s, Zody’s, KMart.

Thrift store have more exotic choices and, yes, far better quality items.

Very few people are in the mall at 8:30 a.m. A few olderly walkers taking advantage of the smooth floors and the “safe” environment. You might catch sight of a janitor.

Some pleasant merch could be seen in the windows of Old Navy.

“Hello, Kitty.”

I encountered a flock of funny faces frozen in delight. Ah, Summer! At least Old Navy seems to have a sense of humor about how they market their cheaply produced yet refreshingly basic items. They were pretty much the highlight of this photo hunt. Most other windows were dark and dull.

Another teenage dream store filled their windows with fairly tacky post-porn chic meets Housewives of New Jersey tight jeans and spangled, sparkly t shirts.

Why did this store put their ugliest candy next to the window? It looks like a surreal prison photo, or an element of the Toy Story 3 dystopia.

The quiet, lonely atmosphere was nice.  Most malls should have the shops closed 2o hours out of every day. I say, keep it spooky.

My peaceful rummaging for images was soon interrupted by the authorities.

A middle-aged mall defender, whose job it is to keep terrorists from casing the joint, came up to me while I shot this super shiny mushroom. It was located in a children’s play area adjacent to where the music shop used to be.

“You can’t take pictures in here.”

We were standing just outside the storefront window of  the local TV station whose tele-reporters routinely prowl the mall with cameras in hand.

In another incarnation, I was allowed to prowl  the mall — camera in hand –asking the question of the week for the local newsrag.

I argued for a while with the mall man about these obvious trespasses of  the alleged no-photos rule. He threatened to call security. I decided the shitty pictures were not worth escalating this retarded situation. The menacing silver-haired lady, armed with her flashless point and shoot made for the exit. It turns out security was a very nice red-headed woman. We had a talk about the instances in which photography was allowed, about the repercussions of 9/11 and then I left for less hostile grounds.

I did get a picture of See’s Candy  —  always sweet and tasty. Beware the Happy Habit. But . . . caramel  . . . drool.

My parting shot at the mall, just outside the west entrance is appropriately an X.

I do not ♥  the mall.

Freddie Heads South

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Freddie has received his last stitches and will be shipped early this morning.

After a short ride on my fake bike it’s off to the post.

I can hear him singing: “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride . . .”

Freddie is sporting a sliver satin-esque cat suit. He’s got lovely black locks in a 70s style shag-do.

His big dark ares are sweet and makes you want to hold him close.

I made him a bracelet of purple and silvery blue beads.

I also gave Freddie a bit of chest hair peeking out from his V neck cut on his suit.

I love him. ♥

Spring Yard

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The green of spring has busted out big time.

The catnip, tomatoes and basil are getting a good misting. Everybody looks good. There was evidence of critters digging about in the fresh dirt inside the boxes. Chicken wire is in place to keep out the squirrels. Was it  our feathered friends ?

Early morning shots of the sky, white clouds and trees made for cool silhouettes.

Ah! Nature.

Freddie’s Face

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It’s been most of the week that I have been stitching on Freddie’s face. I really wanted the eyes heavily done up with eyeliner, a Freddie in the 70s look, the glam Freddie.

I am hoping to get the planes of his face, the high cheekbones, more accentuated in the final stuffing when I sew the head onto the body.

First the clothes will be made. He’ll be dressed while headless.

The full 70s glam do will be perfected after the head is attached.

I must remind myself that all of my dolls end up looking wide eyes and innocent, cute more that exact replicas. That’s my style, yo.

I’ve been working and not blogging as much. You will soon see the result of my concentrated effort.

Now, for a little silly fun.This mostly purple wad of lint it what happens when you forget to clean the dryer lint trap. I wish I knew how to do felt craft.

Mercury Rising

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In the first week of May I am deep into contemplating the elements of Freddie Mercury’s face.

While building my last planter boxes and getting the crops in I mulled it over.

The boxes came out very nicely considering I am no monument to exact measuring.

Thank god for my electric drill. It made fastening the wood screws so much easier. One must hove power tools.

Tomatoes are all in. I think the very warm sun overwhelmed a couple of them yesterday. I will drape a thin cloth over the newest transplants today before noon.

The catnip has such large leaves. I know I should crop it. I’m trying to grow a little sunflower just north of the biggest plant and it needs more sun.

Things are looking quite neat on my patio garden. It must be that way. I can see it from the window of my kitchen work space (where we have all the natural light) and I really get distracted when things are messy out there.

Gone are the blue, sun-rotted buckets and now we have nice wooden containers.

I love to build things. I used scrap wood from Home Depot’s shit bin.

They us green spray paint to mark the ends of the reject pieces –bent, ugly, split. I managed to turn those blotches to the inside.

Various 51 cent pieces and one found palette bottom forms the box with the red wave pattern on the side.

The chicken wire is not too pretty but it is essential for keeping out the pesky squirrels. They want to bury their nuts for those cold, blustery, nut-less days to come.

We’re along way off from their return. Happy Springtime is upon us.

Back to Freddie.

I ponder my dolls long and thoroughly in order to get to the point where I can feel it. This must happen before I can see it. It is a little bit mystical but that is the way my mind/brain works.

My eyes see but somewhere inside this machine of  mine emotion, desire and curiosity must come together to coax out a vision.

After the mulling, I do a sketch as a rough guide. I exaggerate the features on the page so I  am easily reminded of what I want to emphasize. Then I draw the face and finally begin to embroider.

Luckily I have lots of music to back to inspire and remind me of a subject’s musical gifts and a deep catalog of Mojo magazines with their plentiful luxe photos.

I’m going to give Freddie Egyptian eyeliner to play up the inner corner of the eye. I’ve been using Prismacolor’s buttery pencils for eyeliner on the dolls. It adds a nice touch. Keith Richards looks smashing in it.

Freddie’s hair will be a long shag or gypsy cut with a short fringe bangs.

I can feel it coming into view. Back with the results soon.

Warm and May Day

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Ah, color! Ah, Sunshine! It will be warm today and tonight as we sleep.

I’ll be doing some transplanting this evening to my new DIY planters. We have tomato plants galore. Can’t wait for the juicy sweet fruit later this summer.

The tomatoes are just too small to see in this photo. There will be more film in a few weeks.

I think this is the third season for the catnip. It is going wild in the sun. The leaves are gigantic. I hope it retains its intense cat-seducing aroma.

I bought a little container of basil from Trader Joe’s for $2.99. It will be transplanted as well.

So glad we had a visit from Brian M. Pratt. I need to see my boy sometimes. The week was a very pleasant mix of work and play. The next time I see him will be at his graduation ceremony. He receives his Juris Doctor in June!